Good Start…

…well almost, lakini am I bovvered!

Happy New Year y’all.

I got a little taster of how it would feel playing a gig on my own and it is a really good feeling. All you need is confidence and a good knowledge of music and floorfillers. I played a few tracks with the help of my friend, Dj Viagra, when a few friends of mine went out to usher in the New Year in Luton. Check alter blog for more!

Hopefully, with God’s grace this year I will be able to play on my own as a guest Dj. Shaheim, Edu, Viagra and others who are out there reading this blog and want to take a mami dj under their wing…….AM READY – I think!


2 thoughts on “Good Start…”

  1. You know I also have my own equipment but never played in a big gig until I played at a club in Dallas and kept peeps on the floor (which was a pleasant surprise!). I think song selection is really important, know your crowd. I’m also taking my tiny winy steps but I ain’t scared no more dawg (LOL!).

    Had an interesting talk with Code Red Deejay Styles and also another famous Deejay called Reggie B on Boston’s hot 97.7FM, both emphasize the same point – get as many small gigs as possible to build your skills.

    Also..before I choke on my own words, get ‘Serato Scratch Live’ – You play straight from your laptop using your turner’s or CDJs or whatever you organizes your music according to BPM – no more carrying stacks of CDs or LPs. I’m not big on PC-DJ software but this may blow your mind.

    Keep us informed on how it goes.

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