Val’s Weekend Gigs – Reviewed!

LOL…..I apologize for the delay in writing this review. A lot has been going on during the week.

Anyway, for all of you out there who celebrate St Valentine’s Day, I hope you had a good one. I personally don’t see the whole point of it all, coz it is everyday I let the people who matter to me the most how much they mean to me. I definately don’t need a special day for that, as everyday is just a blessing to around – ALIVE AND WELL!

Well, since I couldn’t attend the London gig, the main man himself – Dubwise – sent me a brief email of how it went down. So from the horse’s mouth:

Wsup gal, the gig was heavy, didnt know I could manage to pull such a huge crowd, with the help of kina Collo of course…the doubters were shut down and all was well…tho’ we had a few sound difficulties, but all was sorted and guys had a ball…for once we had a huge mix of cultures in there…from Africans to Carribeans…and the dance was all in harmony!! MK crew were reppin’, West London crew, even guys from Southall came through, I had guys from Oxford…so the place had pple from almost all over…but that’s just the beginning…wanna do bigger things this year and make that dole gal!! I’ll send you some of the photos as well..sawa? Otherwise you have the permission to place the report.

You doing good with the blog!”

As for the Leicester gig (which I did attend), I was very disappointed. This is where I say, if it wasn’t for the support MK peeps give each other – and in this case for Dj Shaheim – I would have stayed at home to be honest. Got there at around 9ish since we drove from MK to be there. By midnight the place was still empty (ok………a few peeps.), with a few peeps starting to trikle in. By 1ish, it got a resonable crowd, but nothing to write home about. The flyer mention three Djs on rotation……..lakini one Dj was hogging the decks the whole night. Dj Shaheim did play his set…..for ‘five’ minutes! By the end of it all…..the MK clique was upset. Did I mention that Laffy Taffy (which is the cliques anthem at the mo’) was not played? And you know you haven’t had a good time out if you dont hear your song! All in all, the drive to Leiceter and back, meeting of new people and getting the rose at the entrance was much more exciting than the gig itself.

Have an eventful weekend!


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