SPRING BREAK GIG – UK Edition Review

LOL……manzee it is still winter. That njeve is still hangin’ about. It aint funny. Anywhoo, on to the review.

Waaa……kweli it was a bootylicious event. And yes, yours truly was bootylicious too – but do I say! The gig was off the hinges. MK Crew, London peeps and others kulad hepi until 6 in the morn’! Here are a few comments (from nannoma forum) made by attendees on the night.

7Aurelius aka 7A (all the way from Dublin) said:

“Big Up… The bootilicious party was deadly…Dubwise, thanx for playing my song…Collo and Shasha, mliniroga. Unfortunately I wasn’t drinking due to designated duties lakini I still had fun. Twas good to see my MK peeps …K-Dip crew Balla, Shasha…Kumi Kumi, also my boy Costa from London…long time man. Mocha, I shoulda seen you on the decks a little more….Tatalicious, what were you on? For a moment I thought you were a little crazy…punguza Martel. Levysill, nuff respect man….it’s good we finally met…keep that fire burning, hope to see you get on VP Records soon.. Twas a dope Furahiiiday!!”

kumikumi (obvious that he was taking about Dj Shaheim and honies on the night) said:

“big up to my boy inspectah decks for a lovely friday. tings were bumpin and the booties bana……eeeish.one love to mk crew and all the djs. peace”

Dj Dubwise (who played the illest Dub on the night) said:

“Wanna say a big thanks to all who came down to Afrique for the big one last Friday…MK Crew ,London massive. Big shout out to the Beatmaka from New Jam Records in Stoke, Daniella and her crew from Wales, big up urselves, big thanks to Emmanuel Jal for representing(www.emmanueljalonline.net) Nuff respec to ma yout Levysill, Shaheim na Collo..a-one-a-we!! 7Aurellius and your crew, good to know mlibambika na hizo madub..watch out for the next big ting coming soon…
Blessed Love”

Dj Shaheim (yeye na decks ni mapacha) said:

“what else can i say. the nyte was tight like mso***i. no disrespect. tata, maze si had kunywaad. to the entire k-dip , nannoma, watu wangu kru, thanx for ur support. we must do anaa one. don’t worry, the reloaded version is coming soon. i promise. dub dub, nuff respect. we shall catch up. and tata, don’t use me as an excuse, i have heard that alot. pics shall be posted by our reporter/female dj. mocha si u holla. frank white maze usilost hivyo. kumi kumi si u know how we do? ni best hakukuwa na mbulu. mtu angepigwa vibare. maze i would like to say thanx again 4 the effort u guys made to attend the gigg. dj mocha, nyce one for throwing a couple of records on the deck though u were on 4 a short while. next tyme i hope u will be on a bit longer. hiyo warm up session lazima pia utapiga.”

Tatalicious (another bootylicious mami on the nite)said:

“oh man wat a nite, cuz me, I woz all wild n out havin a blast…7Au, u said it, tulirogwa, had nu’n to do with martel, hahahaha! shasha n collo rogad me so there, they r to blame..they held it down kabisa n kept me on tha D floor, miguu bado zinauma…dub dub, hizo reggae zilibamba videadly…tha’s tha mos fun I have had in a while in London…when’s tha next one? 7Au woz good seein u
tho’…mocha woz nice meetin ya…MK crew alwayz mzuri to c ya’ll..”

I Djed for a short while and I was so nervous. I just hope I get more opportunies to build up my confidence. Thanks Djs Shaheim, Dubwise and Collo for the chance. I really had a good time and I can’t wait for the next one. Check out Nannoma.com for more and pictures.

Later y’all!


Edited: 16th March 2006


7 thoughts on “SPRING BREAK GIG – UK Edition Review”

  1. @acolyte…….thanks! it was one of those “..I wish you were there…” moments.

    @milo……spin our disks?? mmmhhhh

  2. the only female african chik doing her thing. keep it real. ur session was tight though i know it was short, chiles were appreciating ur ting

  3. LOL….Shasha! Thanks for touching base and thanks for the opportunity!


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