Well, well, well!!!

Received the following email (with edits of course) from the Blao Entertainment Management, regarding Mr. Mjanja’s Album release date.

If you are reading this Kiboy, when will Kenyans abroad get a copies of the album – hard copies and downloads pia?

Anyway, congratulations Wawesh on your album and I can’t wait for my copy! LOL!

WAWESH – The Future in African Urban Muziki!

WAWESH album “ITS MEANT TO BE” is released in Kenya by the end of this>month (April), for those whom are wondering whom the hell he is, pls visit:

1. www.wawesh.com
2. www.myspace.com/wawesh

…or read below for the full Bio of Mr. Mjanja himself

WAWESH is a artist and producer heavily exhaling a breath of freshness into international hip-hop whilst truly representing his country of birth, Kenya. The Sweden based MC has been creating a swirling buzz in Swahili speaking communities in Africa and the Diaspora via his debut hit single, video and his website.

Despite being an unfamiliar name to some his production credits go way back and he is already a renowned name in production circles throughout Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. Under his alter-alias, Kiboy, he also co-owns BLaO Entertainment, a production company that has been involved in many projects including work for the likes of international names like Talib Kweli, Samantha Mumba, NAS, Floetry, JAQEE and many more.

Having had experience in developing artists and creating hits for others Kiboy decided to step forward to deliver something he believed the Swahili speaking community and fans of quality international hip-hop worldwide wanted. Thus, WAWESH was born. The blueprint for him to tell his own story through his own music was created by utilising his already horned writing and studio skills, mixing it with his confident and intoxicating lyrical flow, remaining true to his Kenyan roots but also adding a large dosage of universal appeal.

His highly rotated late-2005 debut single, “Mjanja” was heard on street corners, dancefloors and internet connections worldwide and became an anthem on playgrounds and public transport services in his Kenyan hometown. It’s much loved accompanying video continues to receive regular airplay on major East African TV networks and programming like The Beat, Vipi, H20, etc., and in Europe and USA. The follow up single,”Wawero” and its high-spec video is already exceeding that success with additional support from multi-national networks (MTV, Clear Channel,etc) already showing full support.

Just like the initial two releases his now nearly complete much-anticipated album is a multi-faceted audio display of smart, meaningful and heartfelt lyrics coupled with creatively detailed and meticulously crafted soundscapes that will build upon the foundations he has already laid.

In a period of barely a few months WAWESH has performed alongside major Kenyan artists like Nameless and Redsan (Jamhuri Day UK, 2005), commissioned to contribute to a major BBC initiative (Africa Lives on the BBC/Africa 2005), become a firm favourite on 1Xtra’s DestiNation Africa (DNA) show, received regular rotation in clubs and radio including playlisted at Capital FM (Kenya) and various internet radio stations, co-founded Watu Wangu – a collective of Kenyan artists in Europe, attracted a clothing sponsorship-deal from the hotly tipped ‘Jamhuri Wear’ clothing-line (as endorsed by 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Akon), etc.

2006 promises to be an even bigger year for WAWESH. With two singles leading to his much anticipated self-produced album, remaining fully hands on with all aspects of his musical presentation, co-producing a documentary on his spiral life and tribulations, returning to Kenya after a 15 year hiatus, and various international shows and tours already being offered, collaborative invitations, etc., it is also going to be a very busy year for this multi-talented, hungry and determined young enterprising Kenyan.

WAWESH has an unquestionably relentless and unretiring work ethic. He is fully committed to maintain – and increase, the many people his recordings have touched and the adoration his musical output has so far attained him. He is passionate about his music and refuses to be swayed into joining the current crop of many emerging artists doing the ‘same ole same ole’. With his feet remaining firmly on the ground he promises to always, “bring something hot and fresh, yet, sincere and thought-provoking”.

“Wawero” was released mid-February and is currently the nr 1 video on MTV Base Africa.

The album, ‘It´s Meant To Be’ is released mid-2006.

Check out the Wawesh interview

Visit grammy nominated BLaO Recording artist JAQEE´s official website: www.jaqee.com

Tuko Pamoja – dont forget to help spread the word


So there you have it folks. Don’t say you weren’t told. Keep it here and don’t forget to spread the word.



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