Walking into Spring/Summer

Walking into Spring/Summer 

Well, Spring is here. As they say, May is the official month for Spring.

I celebrate my birthday in a few days time and I am just glad to be alive and healthy. I thank God for all he has done for me. For the good things in my life and for the experiences I am going through. All I can say, despite the down moments, I am happy.

My album for this month will be Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite

12 thoughts on “IT’S ALL ABOUT MAY (Read:Me)”

  1. Hi there Mocha, just ot visit your new site. Ok there, will definitely hit you many more times. You are in my radar.

    Be well and have a good week.

  2. I love that picture!!

    Your new home is brill! Very nice and “airy”. Hope you enjoy your birth-month kabisa!!!

    Lakini where’s the foot???

  3. Its all good, I found the foot.

    I love Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, altho a buddy decided to tembea with it. Must get another one. What’s Mr Mawell been up to lately?

  4. @BJ…glad you could drop by. Have a nice week too!

    @D-Shy, KenyanGal and FarmGal…..thanks y’all!

    @Ms K…..I am glad you found the foot. Its a shame I haven’t figured out how to weka it in homepage, but at least it hasnt’t lost its place in this blog. As for Maxwell, I have all original albums except MTV Unplugged. I am too waiting for new materials. My CD player I think is getting tired of playing his CDs. If I hear or see anything new, you will be the first to know.

  5. Yes yes – this feels really roomy and airy – and i love spring too – the best season of the year in my opinion.

    Hope your birthday is cool – take the whole month to celebrate… and listen to Maxwell too as you do it!

    I love this place too. I was torn between two templates…so settled for this one. Everything is in 'one place'. Easy on the eyes. Thanks for the B-Day wish too. Shame my exam falls (or all exams in this schooling system) in May. Revenge, Rugby weekend. Will I see you there? Holla kando.

  6. Uh Oh, cool digs.
    So spacious…I have spread myself hapo on the sakafu you know……
    Not like Dshy's (Do not tell her, or she will kill my ass), ma it has clutter kila pahali, you move to the left, there is a sufuria, hapo pengine there is viatus, then laundry…eish!

    Enjoy your birthday month the most m'dear…the fullest.
    Good week

    The foot! The foot! I want the foot!

     KM…..mami! Thanks for dropping by. As for the D-Shy's blog, I won't tell a soul. Your secret is safe with me. LOL! Thanks for your B-Day wishes. I will make sure I enjoy, but not too much. For the first time I will have to postpone it 'till June, but I am sure I will have enough to keep 'fans' entertained this month. The foot iko under 'About the 'Licious'. I want it too on the homepage, lakini you won't pata space to spread yourself. TIHIHIHIHI!!!

  7. hey there….Maitha and MJY been tellin me to move it to wordpress but DAMN gilr no pichas no modifying templates and worse no spidey template…yet to be convinced but ebu unleash advantages

    but whether uko blogspot/wordpress/spotpress…tutakuja tu

    Ok, now I think I have been here long enough to know who Maitha and MJY are. Ebu enlighen a sista. As for the pics na kadhalika….keep it right here to see the advantages. Once I get round to using this platform. LOL @ spotpress! Kujeni….like they say; Come One, Come All.

  8. Mocha! month is here!With a new blog to boot!I too have contemplated a move but I think all I will do is get a new template and have another blog on wordpress!Happy pre-Birthday wishes!

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