Date: 26/04/06

Location: MK Station Bus-stop Area

Time: 20.34pm

Bus: 5E

I had missed my usual bus, so I had two options:

1. Take a different bus to the city center and walk the rest of the way.

2. Wait for the next bus which was like half an hour wait.

I settled for option 1 and as the bus (mentioned above) approached, I prepared my fare to get on board. As the bus stopped, a lady who was ahead of me got in and paid her fare. When my turn came, I gave the driver my fare and got my change back, bila tikiti (without a ticket). I was like, not this again. I stood there and demanded that the driver should issue me with a ticket and also mentioned to him that he has done this before and I am not falling for it this time.

All this time, during the ‘stand-off’, the driver kept pressing the machine like it was broken and not issuing tickets. I was like WTF! A couple of minutes ago it was, kwani I have STUPID stamped across my forehead ama what? This where I thank God for my stubbornness……coz I didnt move a muscle until he issued me with a ticket. Guess what? It didnt happen! I asked for my money back and got off. Back the options and 2 was looking attractive at this point.

There was someone ready to board right behind me. As I got off and they paid for their destination…………wait for it…………….the machine was working again! This is one of those rare moments where I swear the only colour I see when I am angry is RED!

So my questions are;

Is this a way for drivers to self-tip?

Was that machine a magic-ticket machine that spews tickets when it feels like or when the driver feels like?

Did I mention that this has happened before?

Bloody punk! After a long day, this was the last thing I needed towards my final ‘home-strait’! AARRGGHHHH!

Note: You know what, I think after this day, I am officially addicted to blogging. I immediately whipped out my note book and wrote this incident so that I remember the details. More incidents/stories later!

4 thoughts on “AN INFORMAL COMPLAINT!”

  1. After a long and hard day everybody wants to get home and have a good rest. Why didnt you jus snub getting a ticket and go get a seat and be off home ? So you actually thought it was better to wait another half hour for a bus ? What if the next bus driver did exactly the same thing ? You should have given him less money and jus gone straight to seat. Anyway, im sure you got home in the end.

    I appreciate your comments Jugg Headed, but as I have mentioned, this has happened before. The first time, I let it slide. Then the same thing happened again and in the exact same way, I thought real quick and hard about it. In my opinion, why pretend the machine is broken and still give tickets to other passengers. As much as I have avoided to mention 'skin colour' in this instance…..I guess that fact cannot be ignored anymore to point out my frustration of this incident. Same driver, similar incident. It has never happened with any other driver. Anyway, I did get home in the end (thanks for asking) and my next bus after the confrontation was only ten minutes away.

  2. Si hii blog yako imebamba ni how….Love ya new digs.

    Pole about the whole bus incident..hope you got home safe.

    Thank you msaniixl. Yes, I got home safe. My kawa bus turned up.

  3. when you’re usual routine is blown out of whack it seems as if the Gods conspire against one. Hope you’re day perked up at the end.

  4. Stunah and Mocha. I doubt if stubborness is a God given kind of thing. Sometimes the devil has better ways of making you feel like you are doing the right thing.

    Now that you have mentioned skin colour it has jus crossed my mind that most black people are seen like they know whats up. Him/her ( bus driver ) must have thought that you would just leave the money there and go take your seat. If he does this to 20 people be they black or white, he may make an easy £20 while still at work.

    No wonder the same driver did it to you again.

    LOL….one minute you are saying I should have ignored the incident, then the next you are technically 'laughing behind my back' coz the situation happened again. I am confused…..! But bottomline, you sound like you favour the driver, yet he is wrong. And on this occassion, I wasnt gonna take his 'bull' and let him get away with it. All I know is, his days are numbered, coz it is wrong.

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