When Do You Grow Out Of Certain Habits?

Another entry from my notebook.

Date: Friday, 28th April 2006

Location: Train Station – Harrow

Time: Rush-Hour

On my commute back home from the daily grind, I witnessed the most grossiest thing ever (in my eyes any way). This grown-ass man plus hairy armpits (added for grossiness)sucking on his thumb like a toddler. Yaani, jamaa mpaka was in loungin'/comfort position while he did this. EEEEWWWWW!!! HOW GROSS IS THAT?

Kwani at what age do you grow out of such habits? Sucking thumbs is a habit I despise. As grown as he is…..will it continue until he is playing with his grandchildren. AAAAIIIII, the mental picture of that is too traumatising for me.

This is one habit I hope my children will not adopt and if they do, they will be weaned out of it by the time they are two/three years old.

Anywhoo, have a non-gross day y'all!


One thought on “When Do You Grow Out Of Certain Habits?”

  1. Now that’s just plain sick!A grown ass man sucking his thumb!He must have been raised by new age parent who thought that he would outgrow it!I would whoop my kids out of that habit if need be!

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