Finally – The Full Version!

Courtesy of

D-Shy, this one is for you. Watch out for the ending.



5 thoughts on “Finally – The Full Version!”

  1. And i quote "Eiishhh manze..hii kitu si feel yaani, hii kitu hai bump"

    waapiii?? woooiii tis moto!!!! cheers mocha ebu amke ukatike, alaaa eti girl u look so romantic tonite…bwehehehe…awww he is soo cute, i want to shika him and go "oh u..u…uuuu" lakini hiyo mambo ya saying "i want to paree tonite" paree ni nini sasa, baya boff!!

    That ghuka going eti "wewe mandam, lubishh sitop thiz nonzenze" just kilt me bweheheee…aiii cheers mochs, ill sahau the way i was annoyed by the other version..aii me furahiday is set!!! ebu sunkuka hapo bere ukatike lool..

    You are welcome gal! So, what am I getting for my B-Day as a thank you! 😉

  2. He's such a cutie, you can still see the folds on he's brand new sweater!!! AAWWWW

    LOL….I didn't even notice the folds. I was busy laughing at KJ in the dress. tihihihi!

  3. This video is off the hook! LOL!

    KJ and Mdomo Baggy made it a classic.

    C’Zars has a nice voice lakini, question is, after this track, did he do anymore before he was frog marched back to school by the zaks? (Source:Nairobi tabloid rumourmill)

    Damn you Standard for that ‘pay to read’ Pullout maneno! I miss Pulse…bring it back.

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