MAY May may (Read: ME Me me)

Right folks……6 days and counting to the big day. So, here is a link with a few facts about my special month – May. Thanks Wiki! (Noo…I didn't shrub Vicky)

And here are some facts about the date – 13th (aka 13 – Unlucky Number).

Though many cultures believe that the number is unlucky… me it is my lucky number. Here is why:

  1. I was born healthy and to a wonderful mother.
  2. Jesus and his disciples. 1 + 12 = …..

My birthstone is an Emerald and to think the way I hate green. So my goal is to hook up with a jamaa who has a blue stone, so I can get his birthstones in jewellery form…..TIHIHIIHI! Lakini , anyone born in April or is an Aries, holla! Your stone is a Diamond and you know what they say about them being a girls' best friend. *wink 😉 wink*  My Zodiac stone is off the chains though – Sapphire

I hope y'all have a nice Spring month!


5 thoughts on “MAY May may (Read: ME Me me)”

  1. Mine is a few days after yours – maybe we can have a huge blog bash midway between yours and mine.

    LOL….that could be a plan! An e-party where everyone is invited. When is yours?

  2. Let me rush headlong to be the first to extend my west bishes. Er. Best Wishes 🙂

    LOL….The M has finally graced me with his presence. I think I should have birthdays every month. tihihihihi! Thanks alot mate for the west bishes best wishes ;).

  3. Hey gal!Nuthin beats birthdays!Just know that this brother here is an Aries!Have a good week!

    I love birthdays. A time to feel extra special coz its your day.This public announcement might cost you Aco. 😉 Have a nice week too mate!

  4. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuui glad to know ur takin it well…we're here with u as u become mochalicious14 hahahhahaha

    Nick…..I dont need to take it well. I know I am wonderfully and fearfully made in the eyes of God. Have a nice week.

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