Mission Impossible III

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I went and watched this movie on Saturday with my pal who came to visit. Lets just say, it a must see if you want to have a laugh. Well, I aint the person to spoil it for people who haven't watched it yet, but I will mention a few things about this movie.

  1. It a comedy action packed movie – in a cheesy way anyway. The amount of times I laughed even when the scene wasnt funny coz I knew the next would be………countless times.
  2. Predictable scenes and confusing scenes (yaani, the suspence was there).
  3. Cool special effects.

Watch out for the following things (my favourites anyway):

  1. A magnetic bomb – LOL!
  2. The prostetics and voice change …… serious!
  3. The red dress – did she wear any knickers? The slit…….eeeiiissshhh! (The boys will love this scene – don't blink though or you will miss it, but knowing y'all, maybe not 😉 😀 )
  4. The Hannibal Lector moment…..LOL!
  5. OOHHHH…….a reflex moment from the dead…..LMAO!

Aki, as much as the ads on telly every commercial break was annoying……the movie is timam to say the least. It was good entertainment to wind-down a Saturday evening. I would recommend it.


4 thoughts on “FILM REVIEW: MI:3”

  1. yeah i've heard good things about this movie so its on my radar

    I suggest you watch it before it is off the theaters. I am now dreading why I didn't catch Inside Man on big screen. The experience won't be the same at home. So I hope ur radar is bleeping very hard!

  2. it was a good movie especially for big screen. JJ Abrams delivered with a special appearance by hhis best pal (also seen in alias and lost) and his felicity star keri russel.

    Great special effects…good comedy…lol at hannibal moment
    lawrence fishburne was great…LOL even upside down…my date saw that plot twist way earlier she couldnt believe fishburne was a bad guy and she was right

    i gave the movie a 5 tho out of ten

    LOL @ your date! Anyway, glad to see you enjoyed it too. Out of ten, I would give it a six! 😛

  3. Dagnabit ive been unable to rip er download Mi3 from Limewire so im going to have to holla at some nijos (eek) for a bootleg version where you see people amkaing to go to the loo alafu u r telling the screen ebu u in front wewe si casper..ahhh..

    Vipi Mocha how goes it in the corporate world? im huku still in bed, laptop on my lap, a mug of something frothy and hot chocolatey..need i say more? tee hee…*sighs*

    Sasa wewe, a few things:

    Dagnabit ni nini sasa?
    Ni nani unakuja kuringia hapa ati uko 'undercover' with a hot cup of frothiness?

    LOL……you are mad! Lakini I love you all the same. As for getting dates mixed up…..LMAO, but all is forgiven. Hiyo bootlegging spoils the viewing pleasure. Afadhali you wait for the DVD since it looks like you are hibernating in Summer. 😀

  4. Nice movie me and my peoples enjoyed it thoroughly..great special effects the freeway scene…was NICE!

    Ohh yah….the free way special effects were aiight.

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