Rugby Sevens weekend on the 3/4 of June is an eventful one this year. For Kenyans especially here in the UK. Madaraka Day falls on a Thursday, so as per kawa, the festivities will be pushed to the weekend.

After Rouge, there is always an after party in some venue usually in the east of London. What makes this year different is that I have learnt that there are two major(ish) gigs clashing on the same night. Both look timam to attend, but you can't cut yourself in half and be in two places at once. And there is the issue of the 'tax @ the door'.

Gig 1, had me blogging about it and now it hasn't been confirmed yet.

Nonini in London 

Flyer from: 

Gig 2 (see above flyer), has a major artist in attendance and we all know where the crowd is going to be.

So, this is for the organisers…….whats gonna happen? Ebu enlighten us!


4 thoughts on “IN A BIT OF A DILEMMA!”

  1. Mocha, i have always wanted to know where do they get those mamaz who pose for those flyers. I have never seen a knyn chick on them flyers. Do you have a clue?

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