13th May 2006

The day so far…


First and foremore most, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR WISHES!!!___________________________________________________

Now, I woke up this morning and just managed to get a glimpse of the sun for the day before it disappeared behind the clouds. Its not cloudy though from where I was sitting. My pal (my family in the UK) made me breakfast, in bed. Not a champagne one Guess, but close enough since I dont drink. It was off the hook. Masala tea with freshly baked mini bagettes with scrambled eggs and vegetarian sausages that were grilled in onions and tomato…..yummmmmyyy!!! After breaky, I read messages from my dear mother (sob sob) and from a few friends around the world……THANK YOU ;)! Pole am bila credo to reply (just incase they are reading this)! My bro is yet to text me 😦 , seeing that his is on the 18th (just had to plug it…..I love him dearly).

Anyway, I put a movie to watch while I woke up and I get a surprise call from some remote village in Europe……Groove, thanks man for your wishes. 😉

A hour or so later, my pal comes into my room with post for me. As usual, I think its the kawa bank statement or junk mail……….lakini to my surprise, I found and exclusive album original copy with the shrink wrap still around it from…………….wait for it……………..WAWESH! Yep, I am looking at it as I blog and I can't wait to listen to it and review it for y'all! Wawesh……thank you so much. I wasn't expcting any B-Day presents this year and I was surprised by your album. Thanks mate ;)! I sure will pass the word around…..starting right now! And more later……keep it here folks!

So far, my day is off the hook and I couldn't ask for more. I am surrounded by people who love me and I love them back.

Later y'all! Let me hit the shops! tihihihihihihi!

Part II – What happened the rest of the day!!!

5 thoughts on “13th May 2006”

  1. You have a great time at the shops and pay your cell phone bill!

    LOL…..never went. Stayed in to watch football. No bills for me. Top-ups!

  2. Happy Birthday sweetie and may u grow to be yummy girl…

    LOL….if I grow to be a yummy girl, all the boys will want to have a taste. tihihihihihihi! Thanks girl! 😉

  3. LOL…Guess, no champagne, but holla your B-day and I will put some in ice for you. 😉 tihihihihi!

    No story for advance wishes for next year….you better remember or I will be out to haunt you! 😀

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