13th May 2006 – Part III (The Finale)

What a day!!!

Why lie,it was just like any other day just much more special and perfect.

After my second post, I went and listened to my new CD – Wawesh's CD. Shyte is tight and I can't wait to write my review on it for y'all! It is gonna be done proper and I might just ask the main man himself for a few words….ama??? 😉

Anyway, whilst listening to my gift……I was thinking of what to do, then my pal and I decided to go watch a movie. I love Spring/Summer! 8 p.m. and the sun is still out! Ok, not today, but it is still bright outside at that time.

16 Blocks

Poster courtesy of MoviesOnline

So went and watched 16 Blocks. If you want an intense movie, then this one is for you. It had some slow bits, but all in all I enjoyed it.

My day was perfect. Nothing fancy and I got to chill and enjoy it. Thank y'all for wishing me all the best. Stay blessed and highly favoured!


p.s. My bro did text eventually! *sob sob sob* He had not credit so he borrowed a phone to do so! How sweet!


6 thoughts on “13th May 2006 – Part III (The Finale)”

  1. ahem, me i have fika-d late, but wanted to wish you happy birthday. cool to know that you had an awesome day. will be waiting for the review of the album

  2. Mocha – how could I miss your b-day. I even wrote it down on my e-calender so I don’t forget it. Pole sana will have to find a way to make it up to you.

  3. Yes Sandman…how could you? 😦 Ebu organise that e-bash and we are even….LOL!

    Wacha I wish you a Happy B-Day in advance, just incase I forget myself….tihihihihi!

  4. I plan to watch that movie soon seeing as I have a large back log.But now about your bro, there is credo for 50/= nowadays and the boy cant afford?!Ama things are hard knock sana in nai.

  5. Wewe instigator…..naona unanitafuta sana! My bro is a student and if it is tough out here…huko je? And yes, things are hard knock in Nai…..not all of us come from priviledged parents or backgrounds. So that 50/= can be put into better use like food rather than topping up a phone! It may not be much, but its way better than nothing. Comprende???

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