Well, awhile back I was in abit of a pickel with what to do about the Rugby Weekend afterparty clash of gigs. Now that has been sorted.

Check this out:

Flyer courtesy of Kenya Exiles UK

Yep….Juakali and Pilipili will be gracing Kenyans in the UK with their presence. Boy Oh Boy…..I can't wait for this experience. More details can be found here!



6 thoughts on “DILEMMA SORTED!!!”

  1. Now that you UK folk have all the nice stars, who are we going to see.We dont want Nameless or Nonini.You pals are bila shame roundi hii!

  2. MOcha…you will so love Jua Cali!!!!
    He is so cooll..he has this song “bidii yangu”…drives me nutter kabisa, kwanza when I danced to it over the weekend…sigh!!!

    Uh, oh, and kiasi is also yumm…

    He has talent…..kwanza when he says “ngoma nitaendele ku- i-sambaza”….

    I could so fuck him for that..te he! you know me, gasta drag in sex from the other corner, to here….

    Keeping well are you?

  3. @Acolyte……enough artists come to stato too! And they also do state-to-state tours. So this one, I will enjoy for you tihihihihihi!

    @Milonare…..my guy (sorry D – lol), ulienda ukapotelea wapi? AAAHHH this one for sure I will enjoy to the max. Review and pics will be sorted….so keep it here. I just hope they don’t do a Bamboo. He was meant to come last year but the death of Poxi (RIP) and mingi excuses later, he never showed. Lakini the gig went ahead and it was timam (these are from reports and pics – i didnt go).

    @KM….like I said….you is mad. I am not surprised at the subject of kutiana has fikad on my blog courtesy of you. LOL!!! Lakini, I already love JuaKali….mbele Kiasi is my ringtone. Mpaka I let the phone ring for a while before I shika it….LOL! Yes, I am keeping well. Wewe je?

  4. Now that is dope. Mocha, see you there and this time no absconding. I have to see "bidii ya Jua Kali kiasi"

    LOL…..wewe, I hope to see you there. This one I am not absconding. Mbele I will need to celebrate my b-day vizuri and the end of my exam….how now? (KM…this ka phrase of yours is sticking 'how now?' 😀 )

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