MAY May may (Read: ME Me me) – Part Deux

Chewing another blogger block up in here. I guess kichwa (brain) is full of pre-exam anxiety. So, I will reminiece about what I was blogging about this time last year.

  1. My B-day last year fell on a Friday and we all know how most people are superstitious.
  2. I think after last years bash and expenses, that may have contributed to the many facts as to why I wanted this year's ordeal to be less painful to my pockets and emotions. I had a blast though….making new friends and celebrating different things at one go! Happy days!!! 😀 😀 😉
  3. I became a KBW member in May…..more reason for me to celebrate this month with finyo (force)…..LOL!
  4. I battled issues to do with sleep and carrying mingi change. 😦
  5. It was this time last year…..Man U lost the FA to Arsenal…… 😦 😦 😦 Now that was painful, but as painful as Arsenal losing the Champions League this year…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🙂 Yes, you all Arsenal fans……..I have gone there. 😀 😀 😀
  6. Last but not least, celebrating my month with a poem attempt. Poi, don't worry, I won't chukua your limelight. LOL 😉

LOL…….bloogers block kweli! TIHIHIHIHIHI!!!

Have a nice weekend y'all! MMMWWWAAAHHH!!!


Side Bar 1: Yesterday, was my bro's b-day. Happy Birthday DarkChild!!! I called his ass and he was enjoying a pint…….aki I miss him terribly.

Side Bar 2: Got exclusive tracks from Nairobi………Juakali's Bidii Yangu, Flexx's new track and a Bongo Flava track from Proffesor Jay which is a remix with Chameleon. Na jienjoy vinoma! LOL!!! Juakali's track is the bomb……I cyan't wait for his show. Ebu harakisha you fika this sides Mr Juakali (he might be reading this ALA!) *rubbing hands in anticipation for the gig* 😀

Side Bar 3: The review of Wawesh's Album – It's Meant To Be – is almost done. So keep it here!

Side Bar 4: Finally…….popular African music is breaking barriers and the Nigerians are doing it first (you are free to correct me if am wrong)……OK, 2Face Idibia. His track African Queen is the movie track for Monique's movie Phat Girlz. Check it out here. Again, I know this will never be shown in the UK…, I will wait for the TeeFeeTee (DVD) from Oteto! LOL!


4 thoughts on “MAY May may (Read: ME Me me) – Part Deux”

  1. Happy belated birthday to you and your bro…I like the new diggs, (I have been lurking and not commenting, what better time to un-lurk – I hope you had a fun day)
    btw, I absolutely love this pic of you – or rather your hand…on the turntables. I hope i can make it to one of your gigs sometime in the future!

  2. LOL….AfroM! Glad you stopped by and behalf of my bro and from me too….kudos for your b-day wishes. Kumbe you are one of the behind the scenes lurkers…..tsk tsk tsk :)!

    For gigs and stuff, check out my djmocha blog for details. I will try as much as possible to cross post it here.

    I love the black bracelets…..they are very long lasting. Aki as Kenyans, we are creative. I wonder who came up with idea of using car parts for jewellery. LOL!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Just read this, nice poem, really it is…

    Keep well!

    Thanks Poi. I hope you will return soon 😦 Stay blessed!

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