This issue is so close to my heart. I hope me blogging about it will help the situation and not make it worse……so here goes 

I had a really interesting conversation with my mum the today.

The battle to sell off Kariokor and Madaraka houses is still on and the residents are one angry bunch. For those of us who left to go abroad (aka me and many others), we are left wondering how our loved ones will cope when this change come to effect. These are worrying times for the residents of these estates as they don’t know what the future holds.

I was ‘born’ in one of these estates. I grew up there, had my first kiss, fell in and out of love and plan to bring my children to visit their nana. A place where many stories have been shared injobless corner and friendships have been formed and broken. From estate rumours and private domestics, to laughing children as they play outside your window. These estates are mini-communities in their own right and someone in some government office in CBD or wherever they are located wants to destroy these two communities. Why now? 😦

The proposal is to sell these government/coucil houses to the residents for 2.9 million Kenya Shillings. Yes, you read it correctly…….2.9 MILLION! To be honest, if my mum had that kind of money, by now we would have moved to a new house we built on a land bought on the ourskirts of Nairobi and still have change left over. Where does the council expect the residents of these estates to get such kind of money? No bank in their right mind would loan such and amount at one go to individuals who are so desperate to keep their homes. Who is the nincompoop in charge of making the final desicion on this matter?

The questions that keep arising to me are:

  • If the residents cant afford to buy the houses, what happens then?
  • Are the residents being given a fighting chance when it comes to this houses since majority of them have been residents for more than 30 years?
  • Who will buy the houses if the residents cannot purchase them?
  • And if bought by an individual or organisation, will the rates the occupants are paying now still remain the same, slightly increase or sky rocket to make up for the purchase of the properties plus profit at the expense of those who decided to stay?
  • If the houses are purchased, what are the chances of them staying up? Why do I have a sneeky feeling that they may be demolised or something?

Alot of the residents of these two estates have no where to go and with the government doing nothing but line their pockets rather than guide and protect the people it promised to help when they were elected, who are we to turn to in this trying times but God. I am stumped coz there is so much one person can do, let alone hundreds. I just hope the individual or individuals involved in this case will come to their senses and see what the residents themselves have to say. It is my understanding with the conversation I was having with my mum, residents are not involved at all and they are the ones who are going to suffer if things don’t go their way.

For more, check kenyamoto…..they did a feature on this problem awhile back.

On a different, yet similar vibe,

As I skim through the Kenyan Blogosphere and sites (awhile back), one topic has been in the minds of Kenyans back in Kenya and abroad alike…….What have we done lately to help Kenya? Or, Why are Kenyans abroad still claim to be Kenyans yet they are doing nothing for Kenya? (This question particularly posed by Kenyans still in Kenya)

What’s with this makelele(noise) from Kenyans about those of us who are away from HOME? I pose this question, what has Kenya done for me to make me stay there? If given the opportunity that majority of us got to leave to make your life easier, you would do it without battering an eyelid. So, put a sock in it. We are tired of your rabblings! As long as me and my family know what I am doing out here and how they are benefiting from it, unawashwa na nini?

9 thoughts on “WHO IS BEHIND ALL THIS?”

  1. Hi Mocha,
    Thank you for blogging on this and adding the “real human side” to what could have simply become another news story. By giving us your account of the first hand experience you demonstrate the power bloggers have through their blogs.

    Land in Kenya is an issue that will not go away. Land reform has to be dealt with at a national level. Your post is different as it deals with land in Nairobi, a large metropolis, which many people automatically assume is immune to land pressures.

    I will try to get some more information on what is happening and if you find out anything else please let us know.

    I urge not to be taken in by the usual “sell out” arguments. In my experience the people who go around criticizing Kenyans abroad simply for being aboard are usually guilty of double standards. You are right in your approach. As long as the people the matter to you, your family, understand and know what you are doing you, you do not need to pay attention to the muppets making noise. There are many many many Kenyans in Kenya building the nation working against ridiculous odds. Focus on the positive, don’t worry about the haters.

    Thanks again for posting this.

    It was about time I spoke about it. The distress on my mum's voice was too much to bear. Afterall, how are the families with young children going to cope if things don't work out? If I get more info, I shall blog it here!

    As for the noise making muppets, they are too loud that ear plugs don't work any more. This time my 'cold shoulder' just didn't seem to work and am sure most people feel the same.

  2. This is such a heartfelt post and I am thankful to you for writing it in the way that you did. As you find out more please let us know.

    As for the whole Kenyans in Kenya vs Kenyans Abroad debate – I concur with Mental hapo juu; don't get drawn into it. The very fact that you, a Kenyan abroad, wrote this post is proof that be you in or out of the country you can still do your 'bit'

    Hey Gal! Thanks and yes, if I get more info, I will put it here.

  3. Hey gal!First of all I feel really bad about the Mada/Kariakor situation because I actually lived in Mada as a kid and the house that we used to live in is now rented by some of my cousins but due to family wrangles a greedy aunt is more then willing to pony up the 2M that the government is asking for and to throw them out!(Yes my family has mingi wrangles…)
    As there is no way my cousins can afford that 2M that is being asked for.I still used to go to mada to see pals and it is a sad situation for those residents involved.
    As for us who are out here being called sell outs, I dont see any shame in us trying to do right and survive.Many of us out here were going to waste back home and just being in Kenya does not constitute building it!Because if you ask some of those people at home who are talking smack what they last did for mother Kenya, there is little they can tell you.Anyway let me stop ranting in your comments section.Havea nice day!

    Which family hasn't got wrangles? LOL!!! Lakini, I feel where you are coming from with that story. Have a nice day too!

  4. hey mocha, it's really sad what's going on in mada/kariokor. your insight on it is eye opening, i may not have lived there but i can relate as real estate in kenya is not the easiest to come by. the way this is being handled with total disregard for people who have called those estates home for years is wrong.

    i cannot for the life of me understand why some people back home act like i should apologise for being abroad. if i have this great opportunity to do better for myself and others then so be it. going back home is entirely up to the individual – popular opinion doesn't bring the money in or get you a good education wherever you are. it's all about the opportunity cost of either staying huku ng'ambo or taking a chance at home. as it is, the incentives aren't very many for most and not alot is being done about it. i mean, if the govt. itself would rather hire foreign experts than wanainchi who are just as able that speaks volumes.

    Hey spicebear. Yes, the situation with Mada/Kariash is very sad. I may be biased, but on this case for the right reasons. I just want the residents to be left alone.

    As for the abroad manenoz, *HEAR HEAR*!!!

  5. it's plain wrong to decide to sell without the input of people who have called it home for decades. i can bet the people pushing for them to be sold are the same ones who will buy and then make a killing.

    btw being at home doesn't mean contributing anything to the country.
    out here, you have opportunities that were hard to come by back home. and better still, you get recognition purely on merit, I say this without downplaying race issues… if you are good, you are good! doesn't matter if your name starts with a 'H' 'K' or an 'O'

    Hello! I think so too! The residents don't even know who will purchase the houses if they can't…….that still remains a mystery.

  6. I think the houses are being sold by the National Housing Corporation who are tring to recover monies owed to them by the city council. I don't see the residents raising money from banks for 30 year old houses, so they must form a block and come and negotiate with NHC to see if they can come up with some other arrangement, maybe even NHC to arrange financing.

    Yes Bankelele, you are right to some extent. Residents pay their rent to the NHC because the council owes them alot of cash. On that note, the council are trying to sell of the houses either as a block to the highest bidder or individually to the residents. As for NHC to arrange financing, how can that be done and yet they are taking money (in terms of rent) from the residents? As for residents forming blocks, it has been done, but no bank is ready to finance them as majority of them in these blocks are barely working, let alone trying to make ends meet.

  7. The Kanju started threatening to sell the houses way back. Its really sad as most people have been residing there for ages.

    Dunno what will happen

    LOL @ Kanju! Gal you are funny!!! 😀

  8. MOCHA – Haki I would have sworn we had something going. Can you just forget a brother like that?

    Ok now I know the ones to watch out for. I hope you are well though.

    Peace. So did they sell my house too, over there?

    AKI WWOOOIIIII BJ, we still have something going. I haven't sahaud you……kazi tuu ndio mingi. 😦 What house are you taking about?

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