RUGBY SEVENS WEEKEND – What’s tha Dealie Yo!?

Dilemmas and confusions have arisen with regards to this weekend. On my part, it got sorted! And this was before any confirmations!!

Two gigs after the tournament at Twikenham are happening on the day and a debate has been brewing on the KenSoc Forum regarding this. I have to agree though with Choc (regarding the poster only), why was the Nonini flyer removed from the Homepage? I swear I saw it there a few days ago. In business, there has to be competition, regardless of who your competitor is…….What’s the dealie yo’ KenSoc Admin???? As one of the few main sites catering for Kenyans mainly in the UK, don’t you think you are alittle biased regarding this issue. I mean as Kenyans we are fed-up with the constant wrangling and ‘fake’ promotions by organisers of the gigs over the years without you adding more salt to the wound…….EEIISSSHHH!!!

Gig 1 – Nonini @ Club EQ

Gig 2 – Juacali & Pilipili @ Twilight Nite Club

Now, it doesnt take a genius to see that the artists will be performing at two different venues. You are not children to be monitored and told where to go. If you are fan of Nonini, by all means, go for his show and the same goes for Juacali and Pilipili. Even though I am on the flyer for Twilight, I would still go for the gig on the night, whether am on the flyer or not. I just prefer Juacali to Nonini…….besides, I know his gig will be much better and wasn’t Nonini here before??? Another thing, £10 for two artists……make up your own mind!!!

There will always be haters trying to influence other people’s decisions……be your own person and choose your own entertainment. Besides, wasn’t Bamboo meant to make an appearance sometime last year? The gig still went ahead and peeps had a blast despite him not turning up and after a trackload of excuses later.

Another thing, you will be surprised by how many people know of both gigs. The question on everyone’s lips is – Where will you be on the night? Twilight or EQ? I already know where I will be…….you will read a review of the night here. So, check back after the gig!

On that note, be influenced by your conscience and instincts………..and enjoy yourself wherever you decide to go.

To the organisers…….you can’t please everyone, especially the Kenyans who this gigs are mainly for. So, do your thing and keep both gigs alive! Watasema, mpaka wata choka. At the end of the day, individuals will decide where they want to be on the day………Nonini, Juacali or in their own beds! Just make the night memorable wherever people may decide to hang-out!


3 thoughts on “RUGBY SEVENS WEEKEND – What’s tha Dealie Yo!?”

  1. Where did I say that? Wacha promotion za vako to pandisa peeps moto! Have a nice day!

  2. mocha i agree with you on the £10.00 for two artists of for prima diva nonini..last time he was here i wanted a refund…

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