Madaraka Day – Mocha Special!

Kenyan Bloggers Day 2006 Button

Since I put myself up for participation for this event, my contribution (as brief as it will be) will sum up what it is to be:

  • Kenyan
  • A Kenyan Blogger
  • A member of KBW

Despite all that we go through whether we are abroad or in Kenya, as Kenyans we always find a way to enjoy life to the fullest. Found this clip that will explain why I am proud to be Kenyan, coz no matter how much we deny it……we always know how to PARTY!!!

Happy Madaraka Day Y'all!!!


6 thoughts on “Madaraka Day – Mocha Special!”

  1. Jienjoy at the bash. Aii that clip … I felt kidogo old! Hehe!
    Happy Madaraka Day.

    Nita jienjoy!!! I felt homesick and old too (Started clubbing when I was young) after watching it too. TIHIHIHI! Good ol' days…..! 😦

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