My Week – So Far…

A few things happened this week that I thought were kinda worth blogging about.

I found out that public arguments are very VERY embarassing, especially if they happen to be with Carribean mamaz (didn't want to specify nationality). The other day, one was arguing with a Jamaa in a butchery (Halal) over the current situation with terrorists, etc. Wooooiiii, I bet what started as an innocent convo, turned out to be nasty. The mama finished her purchase all this time arguing with the Jamaa, followed him outside and still continued. Aki, she was loud as well. Yaani, peeps in the store couldn't even tell her to keep quiet, afraid that they would be next in the firing line. What makes it worse the kissing of the teeth after every point…….LOL :(!!!

Then there was another one. This time at the post office. There is this old dude who frequents this post office and is kinda not well upstairs. So, on this day this chic had kids with her (not hers, but I am guessing small bros and sis) and they kept touching stuff on display in the post office. The old dude was busy telling them off. Waaa, shortly peeps in the queue here a loud "SHUT UP"! She was on the phone lakini that didn't stop her. "Mind your own business", she said. "The shouldn't be touching stuff on the shelf", the old man said. "But what has that got to do with you?" she said. Yaani, for once I saw this geezer shut up. LOL! The thick brito black-slang accent with a mix of carribean was no match for his English accent. WWOOOII……aki I felt for him for the first time. To be honest, other days he is just annoying.

Moving on…..yesterday, I hit the shops for some clothes shopping. Afterall, with this weekend's gig, I had to look for stuff to wear. Most of the shyte I have in my wardrobe are outdated and jana, I realised why and the reasons I hate shopping for clothes (how I have survived – God knows). Sales were on, but as usual there was nothing worth purchasing. The fashion this season is not appealing to me at all and the cut to most of the clothes……wacha too. Now, how does a mama who is bootylicious fit in them jeans, shorts, minis or crop trousers bila showing bum at the edge of the skirt, 'crack' or being a 'muffin top'? Yaani, mpaka I started having a headache. Did I manage to get something in the end? Yeah, a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) of tops, toilettries and headbands. My aim was to head for the sale racks, as I am on a budget and very broke. Ohh….and I avoided the shoe stores at all costs….if I see a pair of Skechers in SALE, you know I can't resist. On that note, I am looking for personal shopper…..any takers???

This means, today there will be a dress rehearsal for keshoz outfits…..SAD, I know, but what is a mami to do.  I have outdated outfits to accessorize to today's fashion sense, manicures and pedicures to be done and the locks to be washed, twisted and greased. Look out for the pics on my flickr!

On that note…………..LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!


3 thoughts on “My Week – So Far…”

  1. Dem Carribeans are of the same hot, tactless blood as Nigerians!They don't know anything about decorum (Okay most of them not all of them!)
    I do hope that the bash is as enjoyable as ever and that you get some great pics and video for us!
    Have a great weekend!

    LOL!!! Will do!

  2. I looove to shop but hate going to the dressing room. Most of the time them jeans are not build for mamaz with xtra junk in the trunk so by the time they fika my thighs i have heaved like a marathon runner. Argh! I tell you the perils of shopping. That why i always buy shoes or a hand bags. You never go wrong with those two.

    LOL @ junk in the trunk. tihihihihi!!! Its true, you can never go wrong with buying shoes or handbags.

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