WWWWAAAAAAA…….I wanted to do a podcast of this, lakini as I recover from sore hands, sore throat, aching muscles and bum, I will try as much as possible to remember all the events of this weekend and write instead. Yaani, I was sooooo excited on Friday that on Saturday, I woke up before my alarm…..LOL!!! Checked the weather before my departure and it was going to be sunny and hot all weekend – PERFECT.

Day One – Saturday 

Arrived at Twickenham just in time to watch Kenya play England. At this point the Kenyan supporters were only a handful, but still enough to make noise and cheer our Kenyan team…….

"Hatuta piga kelele………chant to fade" LOL

Unfortunately, we lost that game 26 – 0 😦 , but that loss woke us up. We later went to beat Autralia 26 – 7 and Germany 35 – 7 to see the team in the Cup Quarter Finals against Fiji.

"Mos mos mos.

Mama Milka (Milka)

Milka Bonyo (Bonyo)……."

The atmosphere in the stadium was electric and the Kenyan crowd were pumped up. Afterall, London is the finale of the tournament every year and Kenya was doing way better than last year's event.



When Kenya was not playing, we supported the underdogs of the tournament especially in our pool (England, Australia, Kenya and Germany) coz we had a chance of beating them. In our instance, we had Germany, but they lost all their matches. As tough as our pool was, we still had a fighting chance and winning against Australia gave us the boost we needed as a team. It was awesome. My ears were ringing every time we made a try. Why lie…..we are the best cheering crowd of the tournament.

When I wasn't watching the matches, I was busy mingling with people I haven't seen in ages. Taking pictures and at one point doing kidogo marketing for a new designer friend of mine – KIBOKO 084. He is a painter and he paints some of his artwork to go on a tee and has them printed into very colourful Tees. So, I have requested for a custom made one with Mocha on it. When it's done……pic will follow! πŸ˜‰

I also met my pal Dj Edu and Pilipili at the stands, but missed Juakali and Nonini as they were busy mingling themselves (ohh well, there is always later at the gig).

Day One Outfit: A black Kenyan tee with white crop trousers (which I managed to keep clean) and my new Skechers πŸ˜€

Coming up in Part Two: The Afterparty 


7 thoughts on “WEEKEND ROUND-UP”

  1. Yipe No 1..
    Am soo happy for you gal u had much fun.
    Me was glued on Super Sport watching the action am glad we madeit to the plate finals an South Africa be warned now we know why you dont like coming to our home for 7's soon we will just do like we did to Argentina and Australia..
    Kenya ni kiboko yao

    Its a shame, the games are never televised here unless you have those wierd sports channels on digital. It was fun to be there….the atmosphere was great. Kweli Kenya kiboko yao!!!

  2. Yap, thats was the weekend. Now i know you coz I remember the outfit.

    I enjoyed seeing Kenya kicking ass!

    Wacha!!! You were there? Ebu nione kando. I was really fun seeing Kenya kick ass, especially the Australians.

  3. Remember aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh serrreeeeeeeeee
    that weekend was the mother why lie?
    how come I never saw you babe?

    How could I forget that one……..1, 2, 3…..aaaaaaahhhhhh sssseerrrrrrreeeeee!!! LOL! LMAO! How come I never saw you? Ebu holla at me on the side.

  4. Yaani that has been my best day out in a while…you were looking dope sana on sato. Pity I couldn't make it on Sunday coz I was lashed the previous night…I think! Mocha! ebu weka part II asap!

    True Groove. This weekend was the bestest outing this year. Thanks for the compliment. That shati you were wearing was off the hook…..Staying Fly huh??!!! πŸ˜‰ You missed on Sunday…watch out for highlights!

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