Now where was I…..aahh, the end of the day with Kenya's last match with Germany. Kenya thrashed the Germans 35 -7. It was a beautiful game. There were still other games left to be played, but people were now concerned about the gigs happening later. Trying to make the necessary last minute vibe and check who's going where later on. By the time we left Twickenham, most of us thought it was still six………LOL!!! The summer sun can mess you up if are not used to it setting at nine in the evening. πŸ˜€

Anywhoo, my pals and I went to where we were staying for the weekend, to get changed for Juacali's gig later on in the evening. Girls will be girls. It took us like almost three hours to get ourselves organised and another two getting to the joint coz we got lost on the way there. So, by the time we reached Twilight, it was 1a.m. The place was jumping and the queue outside was……….llllloooooonnnggg! It made me wonder if there was a similar queue at Nonini's gig.

After trying to convice the bouncers that I'm meant to be Djing, I finally got inside. The place was packed. Music was pumping and everybody was having a good time. There was positive vibe in the air and I knew I was going to have fun. The only KBW member I met was Groove…….Farmgal and Co., where were you lot???? 😦 As usual, said hello to 'a few' people and planted myself in the Dj box, but when I saw Dj Edu setting up to do his set, I knew I was too late to do mine :(, so I decided to place myself infront of the stage so that I could capture the whole performance upclose. A few warm-up artists came on stage to do their thing – Toshi of the Nannoma Camp and Levysill. Unfortunately, peeps were getting impatient, so during Levysill's performance, he was being booed off stage. Shame, lakini he was a timam PA on the night.

We didn't have to wait for long, Pilipili come on first. He was aiight and his performance could have been better. I think he was let down by the sound system, coz his mic was changed like twice during his performance. He sang Morale amongst other songs (I am not a fan, so dont jua most of his tracks). Towards the end, Juacali was hiding in the crowd and he jumped on stage with his song "Nikipotea Tena"…….the crowd went crazy!!! Since I was at the front, I was busy heckling for him to sing "Bidii Yangu", his latest track, everytime he stopped to sing his next track. He sang "Nipe Asali", "Morale" with Pilipili, "Kiasi"(my ringtone :D) and finally after alot of heckling from me and my bright light from my camcorder, he sang his latest single, "Bidii Yangu". I was chuffed to bits. He was also joined on stage by some beautiful chics who could dance, lakini some were just aaaiiiiiii…..RUBBISH!!! Mpaka during the perfomance of "Morale" with Pilipili, Juacali got a sawa mami to dance with, where as Pilipili wasn't even dancing close to his….LOL!!! I have to give one mami props though…….she could strut her stuff. To the chica wearing the khaki shorts catsuit……you can dance! As for those who tried so hard, go back to the drawing board (someone has to say something), before you jump on stage again and embarass yourself. The reaction on chics watching, me included, was of utter distaste…..lakini the jamaas were loving it. Why? Only God and them know. Anywhoo, Juacali closed his perfomance with the Flexx track "Nyundo". To sum it up, Juacali ROCKED. Despite the sound being on the down side, he still worked the crowd and pulled it off.

Later on, I had to get my photo op' with the main man himself and my heckling worked to my advantage. Juacali was under the impression he knew me…..so, I worked with it and got my pic taken with him. I took a pic of him, Pilipili and a friend (look out for part 4). I introduced myself and had small talk, then thanked him for a great performance and bounced to meet up with my friends. Took plenty of pics….so watch this space. Juacali is really down to earth and a nice person. He hasn't let the fame go to his head. Met Pilipili earlier on in the day at Twickenham and all I can say, from first impression, unless he knows you, he cant be bothered. So, that put me off him, but then when I saw him later at the club and took his photo, he kinda warmed up. Pilipili, first impressions matter………please work on yours.

Later on, Nonini showed up and if it wasnt for my pal, Dj Shaheim, I would have never taken a pic of him. Even in the picture, he wasn't looking to impressed for his pic to be taken by random people, aka Me! LOL! Yaani, by the end of the night, I was looking like a journalist…………….sawa, paparazzi! tihihihihihihihihihi

By the end of the night/beginning of the morning :), I was tired and ready to go home and sleep. Stayed outside the club while my pals bought food and said their goodbyes. It wasn't until 7a.m. when we got home.

Gig Outfit: A khaki dress (that had cleveage) with wedge suede shoes(killed peeps with my height in these shoes LOL). One of my jamaa pals made this comment: "Mocha, today you look so girlie."

Coming up in Part 3: Day Two at Twickenham


9 thoughts on “WEEKEND ROUND-UP – Part II”

  1. A khaki dress does not sound very girlie to me, cleavage or not.
    With wedges? SUEDE? that in my head looks like a shady kikuyu old man. could you not just have gone with stilletos?

    I love reading your blog, but now I am doubting how styled up you really are.

    Right, you are entitled to your own opinion. I have to admit, I dont know how to describe things to suit everyones brain capacity, so I will put pics up. Another thing, why make a comment as an Anonymous party…..what are you hiding? 😦 Shady Kikuyu old man or not, I still looked hot compared to most mamis up in there. Ask groove….he was there with me.

  2. My girl Mocha! was looking deadly…and the pics are there to prove it. Ebu weka Part III, can't wait.

    Thanks Groove *blushing*……..LOL!!! Ebu tell 'em. Part III coming soon.

  3. Mocha I hear you. That Bidii Yangu song is off tha chainz! JuaCali is really down to earth, heck most of the Calif Records crew is really humble from Clemo to Gogo to Sylvia..kila mtu. Looks like u had fun.

    Key word is MOST. Bidii Yangu is a hot track and he was shocked when Groove and I heckled for it. Most of the peeps up in there didn't know its his new track. I have my pal in Nai – Mistamwas – to thank for that. πŸ™‚

  4. Awwwww poor baby didn't get to spin!Damn those people missed a great thing!But since you got to get loads of pics and video that's cool!And as for that pic of your outfit!Deng!Now I know where those 3 hours went!No wonder Juacali thought he knew you!Boy musta thought his dreams had come true!Up load dem pics soonest!

    I know…..its a same I didn't get to spin. Lots of peeps were waiting…lakini wapi. Maybe next gig. As for the outfit…..LOL! Nah, one bafu and almost six chics….do the math. πŸ˜€

  5. I am shocked that all of y'all were able to fit into the same arena with Nonini's big head?!!
    Urgh! talk about an over inflated ego!! Earth to the little man.

    LOL…..talk about people not liking Nonini. At the mo' he is really getting bad press. Boy has to calm down…..maybe take a few lessons from Juacali???

  6. Why would anyone think you looked shady?? Iam gay and still feel you look sexy… great….yap you did not describe it in words half as good as it looks in the pic.

    I wonder what would have happened if I walked up to you and introduced myself. I wasnt at the gig but watched the games.. cant say more without letting the cat out of the bag.

    And why didn't you? Ebu, next time you hear my name…..holla!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. Nice work missy..As for Juacali, having filmed the gig, i now remember you heckling for Bidii yangu. Ill make sure i include your clip in the final Cut of the Juacali Documentary.
    – Tuko pamoja –

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