I woke up on Sunday at around midday to the smell of fried eggs. My plans was to have a shower and scatter back to MK. The weather once again was timam. Nice and warm, no need for a jacket.

So, I put aside what I was going to wear, had breakfast and then had my shower. Later, my pal tells me we go to Twickenham and that there are tikoz. I was like sawa. Besides, I figured I wasn't going to do much at home be sleep, so I might as well maliza the weekend with a bang. So, we got ready and headed of to the grounds to see how far Kenya would go.

We got there at around 1ish. Just after Kenya were beaten by Fiji 33 – 14, knocking us out of the Cup Semi-Final. So, we had to play for the Plate, which is the second of the tournaments final rewards – there is Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield. Our next game was going to be against Argentina for the Plate Final position. The stadium was packed and where most of the Kenyans were sitting the day before was filled with other nationalities. Basically, we were scattered, but that didn't stop the heckling. Although the key people to encourage it had lost their voices…….too much shouting the day before and booze. We continue to watch other games which were exciting, i.e. Australia being thrashed by Russia 21 – 5……..every one in the stadium was just shouting IGOR IGOR IGOR after he scored the first try for his team.

After that game, Kenya played and beat Argentina 19 – 14…….it was close. The clock was 0:00, but the game was still in play. So you can imagine the amount of whistling that was going on at this point….LOL :D. It was a nice feeling to see Kenya getting the support it did. The team played well. This game meant we were in the final for the Plate and the next game between France and SA would determine our opponents. Kenyans were cheering for SA to beat France, but I was for France to win, coz we could have a better chance of beating them in the final. Unfortunately, SA beat France (funny enough with the exact same scores) 19 – 14. Kenya was to meet SA in the final.

Fiji and NZ played next for a position in the Cup final, but Fiji beat them 21 – 17. England and Samoa were next, but the host nation had to bow out to Samoa on a 15 – 7 defeat. So the finals saw Canada and Italy play for the Shield (Italy won 17 – 12), Portugal and Russia play for the Bowl (Portugal won 45 – 0), Kenya and South Africa for the Plate (SA won 42 – 7) and Fiji and Samoa for the Cup (Fiji won 54 – 14).

The thing that struck me was with every defeat, the nation that was kicked out did a lap of honour and were cheered on by the spectators for their efforts. Only one team didn't do this and that was England. Made me wonder, with all the flags flying right now for World Cup, if they are kicked out in the early stages, I am sure they will be nowhere to be seen. Kwani, you are only patriotic when you are winning? I found that to be really sad. The venue was practically down to is initial capacity after this loss…….TSK TSK TSK! Sore losers or what? And on that note, the event didn't even make the news as it would if they had won.

There were other activities in the pitch when players were warming up for their next game. Cheerleading, fancy dress competitions where a Kenya won – LOL! (At least we won something in the event even though it was just one person) and no sporting event is complete with out strekkers and pitch invasions. Luckily, the strekkers only had boxer shorts. The crowd was really edging them on…….LOL!!! It was hilarious. The pitch invasions were funny. The people doing it were dodging the stewards who were unfit and with every dodge the crowd cheered. On jamaa actually dodged like five stewards and went to the end of the pitch like he was scoring a try and did a somersault………the crowd went wild. It was a funny sight. Unfortunately for me, my battery died during the Kenya/SA game, so couldn't capture any of this. Shame :(!

After the match between Kenya and SA, the final between Fiji and Samoa was kind of a blur to me. I was basically concentrating on getting my pics of the players as they did their lap of honour. It was exciting to see faces I hadn't seen in ages and I met some of them last year.

Later on that evening, we waited for the team outside the stadium. They really took their sweet time, that most of the supporters left. Eventually they emerged one by one to a small collective of Kenyan fans and jungu kids asking for autographs. I took more pics, caught up with akina Benja, Ted, Gibson, Mitch and met the ones I didn't know from before. Eventually, I had to say my goodbyes as I had a long journey back to MK.

The day ended on a high until one of my pals lost her purse.

To sum up though, this weekend was the 'bestest' ever. I had a ball and the pics, video and memories will last with me forever. I made new friends and had fun with my current ones. The summer has just began!

I finally made it home at 12.30 am and went to bed a tired, but happy bunny.

Day Two Outfit: A kitenge looking tunic that I got from a Retro Store in Brighton, jeans and my colourful beaded sandles that were a gift from my mom. 



Coming up in Part IV (The Finale) – The Pics


8 thoughts on “WEEKEND ROUND-UP – Part III”

  1. sounds like a fantastic weekend. you should fill us in with this much detail everyday of your life šŸ™‚

    It was great…..you hatad vibaya. Where were you? My days are never this exciting all the time. Besides, I like to keep people wanting more…….

  2. The africana retro look suits you!Rugby games rock esp when the crowd is lively!Now we await pics and coverage!

    Thanks Aco. Yep, the crowd is always out to have a laugh. Pics on the way…..working on the video!

  3. I just read the first line of your post and realized I'm hungry! off to make me some fried eggs…
    I'm not too big of a ruge fan, but gearing up for the world cup on friday….

    You dont have to be a ruge fan to enjoy the atmosphere. How many peeps go for sevens and they never get to see even one match? Enjoy your footie….I will be out enjoying the summer!

  4. Qt outfit and sandals. Looks like twas at least something close to LA7's…

    Thanks Poi…..yes it was. There was a dude who came from Dallas and he told me coz the States is bigger the crowd is as well. Lakini, Kenyans have the best crowd esp. when it come to cheering.

  5. sasa weka bisha… I was gutted I didnt make sunday…tena please make us a copy of that video. I am kicking myself for not taking a video cam with me.

    LOL….am busy working on editing the video. You should have kujad on Sunday. I wasnt meant to go lakini I found myslef there and I had fun vibaya. I am still buzzing!!!

  6. miss paparazzi….
    how did you make it for sunday?my feet body and throat were killing on sunday morning.looks like i missed on the sunday one.when do the pics come up?

    Miss Paparazzi INDEED. As for how I made it on Sunday…..wacha tuu!!! Pics up soon!

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