WEEKEND ROUND-UP – Part IV: The Finale

Disclaimer: All photos were taken by Mocha! using this. All Rights Reserved.


Finally, after alot of resizing and loading of the pics to my flickr…..they are ready to be show to the public. Please forgive the not so clear ones……some idiot of a chic kept hitting my hand and on a particular setting I needed to be very still. I obviously haven't put all the pics – they are 50+. Talk to me nicely and you never know….;) 

Anywhoo, without much further ado………

Click here/pic for Slideshow.

Enjoy…….I did!!!

Edit 9/6/06: Towards the end of Day Two, my camcoder had no battery life and my digicam's memory was full, so had to use my phone for the reminder of the pics – which I have added to the slideshow. Not as brilliant as my digicam, but it still did the trick.

7 thoughts on “WEEKEND ROUND-UP – Part IV: The Finale”

  1. those bishaz are sawaz now where is your face gal. Kwanza I have seen one guy who was in my company in one of ur bishaz.
    am still upset i didnt make sunday.

    Thanks gal πŸ™‚ You should have tokead on Sunday. As for a pic of my face…nione kando!!!

  2. Hey loved all your pics!! Plus the other set!

    Hey I have boots that kinda look like those ones. We can strut (hobble) along together!!!

    Thanks Ms K…..lakini the boots have been given to my UK 'sis'. So, pole….no hobbling together. You are on your own. 😦

  3. Hey Mocha i have been enjoying the slide shows. Nice pic. NO face again right?

    I am glad you did. πŸ™‚ Yaani after wekaing a cleavage, kidogo leg and diaba, you still want the face? AAAAAIIIIII!!!

  4. manze it was nice to see the photos,i felt like i was there but u will miss this weekend i will send u photos of safari 7's.otherwise the photos r deadly.thanks

    Thank you for dropping by….. πŸ˜‰

  5. Sasa Mocha, thanks for the coverage bana. If I wasnt there I wud have felt mbaya! It was a pleasure spending sato with you. Nice pics by the way. Shame I was in only 1 or 2! Next time…..Well done gal.

    Well it had to be done….I had a blast and it was nice seeing you too. Thanks for being there to enjoy in the fun.

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