Chewing Block….


After my Rugby weekend highlights, the heat of the past week and nothing interesting that has happened worth blogging about….I am here to declare myself dormant for awhile and let my brain juices changamka.

This Friday (its today…LOL), my pal has invited me to this 80s themed party where she jobos. So, if I go, I am sure something worth my typing time will come up.

Plans for weekend…nada. Just another quiet one, at home, cleaning and stuff. I might just as well teach myself the rest of HTML since I took books from the lib or go out and catch some rays if the weather permits.

Well, blog(read:see) you when something exciting happens in my life.

Yaani ni summer and am bila vibe….shame. Let those who off the train and enjoying the season keep us entertained. Akina KM, Mutumia na Aco (still can’t believe yours….LOL).

HHAAAAIIIYYYAAAA…si I was signing off……ok, for real, let me go rest my thoughts and fingers. I won’t be gone for long…….miss me though, wwoooiiyyeee please……………….


2 thoughts on “Chewing Block….”

  1. I guess after that long weekend, you deserve a break.As for being off the train, I kind of miss being on the train because then I was resistant to feminine charms as I wasn't getting some; but now I am like all men!:( But I may blog a little about it but don't expect anything explicit like KM as I am old school and conservative about somethings.

    LMAO!!! 😀

  2. just like you im bila plans.i even decided to go to the market and buy bits and pieces for my (a year later) half furnished house.i think il go top up my tann now somwhere that has a shade…

    Top-up your tan….LOL!!! Good luck with all the shopping. I hate it nowadays!!!

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