I Gat a Secret

I gat a secret and after putting it up in here, it won't be a secret any more. DUH!!??!!

I think I have reached a point in my life that certain things will not be embarassing to reveal or experience. Now that I know I am in the age group of women who will be spreading their legs to strangers to bring another life into this world…..then it is downhill from there. *I know what some of you were thinking…..get your minds off the gutter…yes you…I'm talking to you!!! LOL*

What is my secret I hear you ask?

Well, let me first explain a few pointers before I reveal it.

Yes, I grew up in a neighbourhood that had lots of kids. No, I wasn't the social type kid. Yes, I have an acute fear of falling. No, I wasn't a tomboy. Yes, I know I will hear alot of gasps and giggles…but I don't care. My life, my rules (well, most of the time).

Right….here is my secret.

Up until Saturday, I have never ridden a 'cycle' before. Hence, I don't know how to ride one.

My excuse……I never bothered to learn and my all time favourite which is proven time and time again…..I have no balance whatsoever.

On that note, my pal booked a tricycle for me to use this past weekend and boy did I have fun. There is a charity near where I live that lends you 'cycles' and cycle trolleys, to put toddlers in the back, for a week or weekend, if you can't afford to purchace one. Thank God for that charity, because thanks to them, I overcame my cycling fears and had a blast.

So, on Saturday, we did a shopping trip where I overcame my fears. Learning something new for the first time is exciting. I almost fell at one point coz my confidence was up and I was trying to show off by speeding and approaching a corner at the same time…..stupid cow….LOL!!! The part I found most difficult was riding uphill…..even on gear one, my legs could not hack it. So, I opted to get of the bike and walk up several hills/gentle slopes when we got to them. The trip back was hard work……the weight of shopping on my back, the heat and pollen didn't help. Though I was getting a good work out, I would have done without them. I went to bed on Satruday an exhausted but happy young lady.

Sunday morning, for the first time after a long time, I woke up before 7. I was even shocked that I kept checking the time everwhere…..from the TV, my phone, the radio clock, etc. I guess all the excitement from yesterday's cycling adventure got me pumped up. So, on Sunday I went out to get some medicine for Hayfever (never got used to the weather….sigh*) and met up with my pals and did a spot of shopping for a picnic by one of the lakes in my hood. Went home, prepared for the picnic and went out again. I had more confidence than Saturday and I was pumped up for another cycling adventure. This time, our destination was further than Saturday's shopping trip. I was fun, but my legs were feeling the burn. Let's just say, we got to the picnic spot by the lake eventually. We had our lunch, enjoyed the scenery then packed up again and went for a ride around the lake. It was fun. My tricycle had a bell that was loose, but could ding!!!, but it had a funny ding! that I laughed all the time that I was warning people of my approach. tihihihihihihi!!!

After the ride round the lake, we started our journey back home. Let's just say, going to the lake was downhill, coming back was a gradual uphill ride, that quarter of the way, I dismounted and walked. I couldn't care less…..I was in my element.

The final stretch was hard. So I walked the rest of the way. Boy, was I glad to be home. After sorting out the bikes and the picnic stuff, I just went and collapsed in my room. That was it for me. My exercise for the past (insert length of lack of exercise time here) years was getting to me. My tummy muscles ache, my thighs, my bum, my arms, my knees……basically, my whole body. Why lie though……I had fun.

So, today morning as I woke up, my muscles still ached but I discovered an injury that was inflicted by my riding exploits. As you well know (from the stories I have heard anyway), no riding first time experience comes without a scar to show for it. I have one (well not a scar), but I won't say where it is…..this is one secret I will keep to myself.

Have a nice day y'all!!!


5 thoughts on “I Gat a Secret”

  1. Why do you want to spread your legs to strangers to have a baby? Dont you have a husband or lover ? Nice story though. I know where your other sore is.

    Them doctors, nurses and midwives that will be in and out of the room while you give birth, esp when something goes wrong. As for where my sore is……LOL!!! and Shhhh!!! don't tell a soul!!! 😉

  2. Kudos on going out of your way to do something that you never had a chance to do as a child!But I would love to see you on a big ass tricycle, that would make my day!
    Now that I know I am in the age group of women who will be spreading their legs to strangers to bring another life into this world
    Is that in reference to the hospital visit to give birth or conception with a stranger?I am as lost as Barbie on this!

    I am gald I did it too and I ca't wait for another shot at it. This time I will get on a two wheeler and weka stabilisers until my balance is on point if not perfect. As for you seeing my big ass on the tricycle……kwa video!!!! tihihihihi!!!

  3. Congrats on the biking thing. I had to link to it! 🙂 Welcome to the world of great fun. Soon you'll be tackling those hills bila having to get off at all, and at the top, you'll feel like a queen. All the best!

    Waaaa…I can't wait for the day that hill task will be accomplished. I will indeed feel like a queen. Thanks for linking to my blog.

  4. Giving birth on your own is a very difficult thing. Especially if the father is not around. Good luck to you in yours. Im a single mother of one and it was not easy for me at all. As for your sore,, it will get worse when the real thing comes about.

    I bet it is….I know someone who is very close to me and has raised two children on her own…..and she has done a pretty damn good job. How she does it…..only God knows. Hats off to her and more.  As for the sore, getting better at the mo'. Don't tell me about the real thing business….will cross that bridge when I get to it. tihihihihihihi!!!

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