Previous post has been deleted.*

I am taking time off from blogosphere. Checking myself into Bloggers Rehab. See you when I get out.

Have a lovely summer y’all


6 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. ati time off unacceptable…i’m about to do somethin myself for those hiatus moments that i perfected!

    weeee wacha….i needed this time off. My brain was doing ***********NADA!!!

    get me a room at the rehab joint mocha chocha latta

    holla kando I patia you details of the joint……its an exclusive place, dont want mingi peeps knowing about it. LOL!!!

  2. How do you just check out when I come looking for you. Its summer time babe lets get all sweaty.

    Lets all get sweaty??? Wewe!!!!

    Whats up with that. Be easy though. Miss ya.

    Will miss you too

  3. babes,

    enjoy hiatusing….hope we will see you back soon

    Doing the UK within the next 2 wks, would be great to meet up

    thehanyee (he.be.at) gmail.com

    This could be great…..will holla by email.

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