Guess Who’s Back?

Why lie……I needed the break.

Now that I am back, I have found out that July will be jam packed with activities and the weather has has alot to do with it. Wacha I enjoy myself to the max…..coz when winter checks in, there is no going out in that baridi (YEAH RIGHT!!!)

Take for example this past weekend. I was invited for an end of season rugby tournament in Slough – Slough 7s. The weather was hot hot hot. A scorcher. At 30+ degrees, how they managed to play in such conditions, I take my hat off to all of them. We had a Tusker tent, tuskers of course and a chicken and corn BBQ. We were only a handful of peeps, but hopefully if this event takes off, it will become bigger as the years go by. A nice way to enjoy the summer instead of clubbing, which mingi Kenyans do to network here in the UK……in my opinion anyway. Question is, when is the next one? These legs need to come out more……LMAO!

Later on, there was a plan in another town outside London, after getting lost and toilet breaks for those who were on the bender……we got there for 1.30am. Typical…..huh? The house party was one of those chilled out ones that you just enjoy mingling with people with music in the backgroung. There was plenty of food and booze. I don’t drink alcohol, so I had non-alcoholic wine with me aka fizzy grape juice in a champagne style bottle. 😉

I won’t go into details, coz I have been told by my therapist not to over do it.

Let’s just say, it was a great weekend and I have pics to prove it. 😛


Side Bar One: I met new people and one of them is a photographer and a rugby player……..HHHMMMMM!!! The pics he took were HOT!!! Potential Mr. Mocha??? Watch this space……LOL!!! Will I be getting off the bilas train anytime soon? I will get back to you on that one. *Insert cheeky laugh and giggles here*

Side Bar Two: If you are in the UK and play rugby or kidogo interested, ebu holla………we need you for summer get-togethers. Why rugby? Unlike football, the crowd is polite. Come and lets make this event huge. Tuskers are on offer and food to boot. Kujeni to partee!!!

Side Bar Three: As much as I am enjoying the heat……the humidity and getting all sweaty while it has nothing to do with you getting a shag is not on. Who is with me on this one???


6 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back?”

  1. galfie why oh why didnt you say?
    hebu next time give me details. I need to live the house some more kwaja with this fab weather.

    WWWOOOOOIIII Pole!!! Imagine I forgot! Ebu holla kando….there are a few happening this month. If you are game, that is.

  2. I am always fascinated when UK people complain about summer heat and humidity, coz i can’t fathom that place being as hell-hot as here. One of my pals visited last year (from UK) during the summer months. Trust me she could not wait to go back.

    Kelitu, you are right. Last years summer was not a scorcher as this year’s one. We have more days this year and is really gets hot and humid. It fikas a point, for example, my skin starts to peel. It is mbaya and the UV levels are high as well. Ask akina Farmgal na Guess…..they will confirm.

  3. Hey gal karibu. Can see you had some blasting moments.. Unleash the pics sista

    Thank you Nakeel…….Manzee I missed this ISH, but was bila vibe LOL!!! The weekend was timam…wacha tuu. Picha ni for private viewing only…TIHIHIHIHI!!! Talk nicely and you never know…….;)

  4. hey there…
    Great move to wp… A break is always cool from a time to another, I need a break too right now

    Hey Kaysha.

    I have been here for quite a while now. Thanks for stopping by. I am still coming on the 29th, so see you at the Rex. 🙂

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