Dedication to KM

Gal……was listening to my mp3Phone jana and one of the songs came up and I instantly thought of you for some reason. In my opinion, you spoke volumes ‘on behalf’ of many mamas out there who are shy about their sexuality, esp. to the ‘reading’ public (that’s how I see it anyway). At least someone has the guts to do it. Now, without much further ado, here goes (slowly backing off for KM to enjoy / ducking stones):

15 Minutes – Mark Nelson

Damn, what time is it?
Oh snap I gotta go to work
Hold on one minute

1 – All I got is 15 minutes
And I wanna get up in it,
Ain’t got no time to talk
Just come and break me off
Ain’t got no time for love,
Just come and give me some
Ain’t got no time to talk,
Just come and break me off

It’s 7:45 on the dot
Guess I’m late for work, but I’m feeling kind of hot
I see ya downstairs pouring juice,
Flippin’ my eggs, but I wanna flip you,
Because your,

Standing right there in your negligee
Thinking should I hit it but damn I’m late (damn I’m late)
Maybe a quickie would make my day
It’ll make my day, it’ll make my day,

Repeat 1 (2x)

I think I wanna hit it again,
Call my boss and tell him I won’t be in, no
I bet he’s gonna wanna know why
And I just can’t tell him no lies, no

She’s laying right here in her negligee (negligee)
Right now, I don’t care just cut my pay (cut my pay)
You’d do the same if you were in my place,
If you were in my place,
With that booty up in your face.

Repeat 1 (2x)

The first two minutes, girl we gonna take our time
Break it down, hit ya from behind
Next three minutes, ooh we gonna get on the floor
Say my name and make me want some more
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Timing on the side,
Hurry up, scream it out, let it go girl
And when you arrive our time is up,
So scream much louder,

Repeat 1 till end

This is not a pity party for you KM…..just enjoy the kasong ;).

Have a nice day y’all!!!


2 thoughts on “Dedication to KM”

  1. Awww shucks-edy shucks…now you will make me wanna cry Mocha, all going tooth damagingly sweet on me and stuff. *Blush blush, coupled with sniff sniff**

    *Passing tissue to KM*

    Halafu then I’m first on my dedication.
    Thanks galie sana sana. Be most blessed.

    I luurrrve that song sana, and I have in on repeat enough times….so I’m gon go listen to it again.

    I love this song too…..vibaya. One of my favourites in Marc Nelson’s album.

    Tehe, Gawrsh, I feel so honored mimi, like you just wekad a nice peacock feather on my cap, so woiii fafa! I think I will print this blog and go show off yaani so they can put it in a pipe and smoke it woii fafa!


    Thanks Mocha.
    Ma, you just earned yourself a ki Pint when you get here, halafu I will lock your locks for free, then you lock mine, then you spin for me ngomas then (sniff sniff), we will be all happy and shite.

    That kapint will go to waste since I dont drink……lakini weka crati ya Fanta, Sprite na Krest mixture on ice for when I kuja. LOL!!!

    Cheers sana kamum. Bless

    Right back at ya! 😉

  2. You got to give KM her props. She is the Madonna of the blogsphere. wacha i work on my game so that i can be her guy ritchie

    LOL 😀

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