This is what I have been up to since I started chewing Bloggers Block and when I was in ‘Rehab’. Your feedback is more than welcome. Your negative critisism, most definately not. And for those who are expecting me to weka a pic of my full sura……..don’t turn blue on my account. I won’t be held responsible!!! LOL πŸ˜€

Hot cocoa anyone???

Around July last year…..I was a baldy

And with that, I decided on dreads once my hair was long enough…

Fast forward to summer 2006……Mocha! exclusive pics on the tricycle

From another angle

Now that I have built my confidence for wheels….I thought a foto op’ on a two wheeler would not go amiss…LOL!!!

The rest of the pics I have taken so far during summer are here:


My Flickr –Β New Uploads (Click Pic for access)

Have a nice day y’all!

P.S. Happy Birthday (late wishes I know) KBW and y’all celebrating your Birthdays this month. Many happy returns and may God bless you all. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “PICLOG”

  1. Great pics. Next time I’m sure you’ll take a photo of you fully balanced on the two-wheeler happily riding! Talking of which, how is that coming along?

    Thanks egm. The cycling has been put on hold unintentionally, but I bought a bicycle the other day. So hopefully, training will resume shortly before summer is over.

  2. coolness…thanks for the pics…

    You’re welcome πŸ˜‰

    tihiii, @ tri cycle….hugs, you will get on a two wheeler soon…if all else fails, do like my brother did to me…get someone to lie to you that they are holding the back of a two wheeler, so you have some confidence, only to turn and find *sigh* he wachiliad you once you got off the hill…and he is standing at the kilele cha mlima watching you go on your own….the next logical thing that happens next of course is you look back and uuummm, YOU FALL. Psychology is a mutha haki….

    Now this is what I dont penda…..falling. Kweli psychology is a mutha. Progress will be blogotised soon.;)

    Halafuu, nice locks. tehe, mine are longer than yours i swurr….tehe, I can now hold a ka pom pom, with only one errant one sticking out.

    LOL @ pom pom. Ebu weka pics we see.

    I just dyed some of them copper 2 weeks ago….sigh, I miss the black ones. I can’t wait for ’em grow loooonger.

    If I dye mine….I will weka that black colour with a hint of maroon or blue/purple.

    How U be? Keeping well? aki it seems like you are having a ball huko…

    Otherwise, I am fine and summer has a way of getting people out to have fun.

  3. Hey gal!Looking good!I am sure you will be on 2 wheels in no time!

    Thanks Aco.Β 

    The second last pic is the best one in my opinion! πŸ˜‰

    LOL…… πŸ˜‰

  4. Mocha I have to say you are one BRAVE BRAVE chica!! It seems you did not do the whole transition thing, you just nyoa-ed all of it and then started again.

    Mrembo….I had no choice but to cut it all off.

    Me, I had to hang on to the permed nyweles until I got it long enough to nyoa and even then it went straight to braids before being let out. I have been natural for almost 5 years now, but I chop my hair a lot and I did fall off the wagon twice…..dreads, the idea is fascinating lakini.. … wacha tu

    Don’t knock it until you have tried it.

  5. Mocha…welcome back.Like them pics. Your hiatus wasn’t that long anywayz. Glad to have you on.

    Glad you like the pics Magaidi. I know the hiatus was not long, but it sure did help.

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