Let Me Off!!! (Shukisha)

Disclaimer: This entry has minimal details. I will leave such explicities to peeps like KM. Non the less, it may offend some people…….but do I look bothered. 

Let’s just say I really had a fab weekend.

I went and watched Pirates of the Caribbean on Friday and I really enjoyed it, despite it having some boring bits. All in all the movie was off the hook. Ohhhh……did I forget to mention that this was a date. FINALLY……someone is showing some interest in the ‘Licious!!! Kweli, summer is turning out to be a fab one.

Lets just say, I didn’t go home, but believe it or not nothing happened.

So, Saturday was spent with me behind the scenes as my ‘date’ got paid for his hobby. He and a pal were hired to take wedding pictures, so I tagged along to see him in action. HHHHMMMMMM!!! There is nothing as erotic as watching someone doing what they are passionate about. Later on, we went sight-seeing at Windsor Castle and took plenty of pics there too. We went back to the wedding and finished the night off taking and printing pics on site for a fee. It may sound like a boring way to end the evening, but if you are enjoying the company of the person you are with……everything around you is a blur.

Let’s just say, after getting something to eat on our way home…….this sistah right here reached her destination and go off the train. How was it? We want details. I hear you all ask…….let me leave you with what made my ribs crack with laughter after the deed.

“Aki, your p***y threw a serious tantrum. And who am I do deny it what it wants?”

Have a nice day y’all.


10 thoughts on “Let Me Off!!! (Shukisha)”

  1. Hey we all needed space to sit down on the train. Ulikuwa kiti namba?

    I think it was seat number 69…..must be a lucky one!!! Let me know if it is!!! 😉

  2. Glad to see you like writing your blog, looks like you are quite the extrovert.

    LOL…..I wish I was an extrovert rockwatching. Lets put it into percentages…….90% I am an introvert, 10% I am an extrovert. This is my 10%. Thanks for gracing my blog though…… 😉

  3. I want out. This is not fair!! I’m even becoming one with my seat man! This is a serious situation that seriously needs to be looked into.

    Don’t worry Kipepeo…….good things come to those who wait – PATIENTLY!!! LMAO!!!

  4. lucky are those that have watched pirates of the caribean

    LOL at u gettin off the bilas train

    wwooooiii…aki you have chelewad. I am back on it! 😦

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