Smitta Smitten

Damn you EA Standard… I miss you Smitta Smitten. Since the Friday pullout went all digital (ati we have to pay to read *kisses teeth*), Fridays have never been the same again.

**Rant over**

I tell a lie…..

Apologies in advance for using your name…..lakini it goes with what I have to say.

Aki, I am a sucker for good loving.

Give this chic a shag and all mushy she goes. Stalker tendancies….possible! Smittened by shagging partner…..hhhhmmmm very much so!!!

Now………. a ‘ngomongo’ of mothernature has haribud manenoz. Just after the deed….Aunty Flo’ pops her head round the door. Now…..girls back me up on this….you all know how emotions fly around when she is about. Stupid Ass biatch!!!

I was on a super high like a junkie, now I feel like I have been denied my daily dose. To make things worse, a midnight call would be perfect, but a waste of time.

AAARRRGGGHHHH…….yaani, even my mojo for writing this ISH is disappearing!!!

Give me two to three days to kick this biatch out……I will be back!!! (And so will she every month until I am pregnant or in my fifties if I’m lucky……..AAARRGGGHHH)


6 thoughts on “Smitta Smitten”

  1. I miss the Pulse bit time too!And to make things worse it costs an arm and a leg online!

    Tell me about it……!!!

    I see you are reaping the consequences of shag withdrawal!LMAO!

    ISHIA……*arms akimbo at Aco while kissing teeth*

    I see you have not been wasting time!Daily doses!!!!!Anyway usijali services shall resume shortly…

    Na bado…..these things have to be done before supplies dwindle and you know it can happen – voluntarily or otherwise.

  2. Yaani!! the 10% introvert is quite extrovertic 🙂 Being local means we’re lucky to read these magazetis after some jamaz have thoroughly gone thru them n left ’em lying around as waste paper. Would it be against any law 2 OCR them for u???

    I don’t think it would be against the law 2 OCR them to me. After all, its your time and money invested in doing so and not the paper’s!!! Ama? 😉

  3. Wassup girl. I see you are on fire as usual with some good posts. Have been a little busy though but always find time for my Mocha.


    AAAWWWW….how sweet!!! 😉 😉 I have hollad back.

  4. well, machamaa and ma ladies.
    it is the first time i have come across a kenyan vibe site. ni noma lakini. i was enjoying the vibe. Kesho i buy the kaseti ya stantat and will hope to send the excerpts of the pulse to you..only the really nasty stuff. i feel you..smitta commentary a week is good dosage…it is like a drug…miss it and you suffer from depression. pamoja lakini

    EEEIIISSSHHH….are you for real? Anyway, thanks for popping your head around this ISH! Tuko pamoja usijali!!! 🙂

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