Just following the trend as set by Aco here and here and others. Thanks y’all!

On that note, I will share the type of music I use to practice my Djing with and since I have grown up with Carni / F2 under my musical wings, Soul is the way to go with me. Much harder to practice with, but the best to learn the technic with.

So, here is a taster…..more later

Pointer Sisters – Dare Me

Rick James – Super Freak

Quincy Jones, Ray Charles and Chaka Khan – I’ll Be Good To You

Deniece Williams – Let’s Hear It For The Boy

Just Another Dream – Cathy Dennis

Touch Me (All Night Long) – Cathy Dennis

C’Mon And Get My Love – D-Mob feat. Cathy Dennis

Everybody Move – Cathy Dennis

Madonna – Holiday (Top of the Pops 1983 Performance)

Thanks YouTubers!!!

Have a lovely weekend y’all!!!


One thought on “WHAT’S IN MY BOX?”

  1. Nice compilation!I was planning on doing a soul one too but there are enough songs to get around so I guess Ill save it for sometime later on when people are tired of your vids.
    The selection you have is really sawa!Nice weekend!

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