Glad to Be Back!!!

Hey Y’all!!!

I had taken a week off. Good timing as well, with all the good weather we have been having. Anywhoo, I bummed from Monday til Thursday and on Friday at 0015hrs, I was on a coach bound for Glasgow. Came back jana at 2000hrs. I had a blast. More on that later with pics to boot.

Otherwise, this week is MAMA MOCHA WEEK! My mum is celebrating her birthday and I want y’all to be polite and pay respects to this wonderful woman. Afterall, if it wasn’t for her hard work as a parent, my bro and I wouldn’t be here today (you know what I mean).

Happy Birthday Week MUM…….LOVE AND MISS YOU LOTS!!! 😉

I missed y’all and I can’t wait to catch up on whats been happening in KBW. So, whats new???


2 thoughts on “Glad to Be Back!!!”

  1. Good to have you back!Yes mums do alot for us.I think the feed will let you know what’s going on in KBW.

    It is good to be back. How have you been???

  2. Blogsphere has been quiet. 3 days of me lounging and there was nothing new in the feed.

    Is that so? I have been away for a week and kinda feel the same. Anywhoo, I guess peeps (summer nations) are out enjoying the weather.

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