Happy Birthday Mama Mocha!

I called my mum this morning and sang Happy Birthday to her. It is now official, she raised a nutter……LOL!!!

No words can express how much I love my mum and on this special day, I will let Boyz II Men help me out with their timeless classic ‘A Song for Mama’.

Happy Birthday Mum and I hope you have a lovely day.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mama Mocha!”

  1. Many happy returns to your mother. Looks like kuna many July babies. My bro’s was two Fridays ago (14th) and my mother’s is this Friday (28th). Wako wengi!

    Manzee thanks on her behalf. I know there are so many July babies…..thank God I only have one present that I consider important or else I would be broke. Happy Birthday to your Mom too!!! 🙂

  2. I am sure you mum must have been chuffed to bits with the birthday song and the phone call!

    She was indeed chuffed….yaani mpaka she was chekaing on the phone (very rare). At least I put a smile on her face and it cost nothing but love. 😉

  3. Happy birthday Mamalicious Mamasita. Has a good ring to it.

    Yes am well, was born with a tan and sun has no effect on my skin but am ready for a cool down. Its damn too hot for me. The upside is the women look so good in their skimpy wear. Am loving that.

    Be good Mocha…

    LOL…..you too, be good!!!

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