Summer Podcast – 2006

Hey, as promised, here is my summer podcast. I hope I don’t bore you to death.

So, grab a cold drink, sit back and listen…..

……to my summer rumblings and mumblings.

Silver-Play-Button2.jpg Mocha’s Summer Podcast


4 thoughts on “Summer Podcast – 2006”

  1. Fao!How bout some patent Mocha background music during the next podcast?I can imagine you in the bafu all soaped up with no water!LMAO!My dear you haven’t known that Kenyans are allergic to change?They go to new places and do the exact same old things they do back home!I hope your fling took the end well.Other then that si you save a seat on the train for me coz Dec we’ll be pamoja!Nice podcast!

    Kama kawaida….you are always fao!!! LOL! I will weka some music in the background in the next one thats for sure. That bafu incident was a funny one….at least I am not allergic to change like most Kenyans. As for fling ending well, it was kidogo tuff, but had to be done. I will keep the seat warm for you until Dec. 😉 LMAO!!!

  2. Hi mocha!!

    Hey Kenyan Gal….UMELOST SANA WEWE!!! 😦

    So when exactly is the Kenya exiles UK edition?? I hope its in early september coz i’d love to go and maybe i’ll meet a cute rugby player!!

    Kuna sevens tournament ingine in September in Harpenden. Check the link on my blog for Kenya Exiles UK for more info or I will keep you updated. Sawa?

    Regarding the summer fling at least you’ve ended on good terms. I must admit i am mad curious about why it ended but i respect your keeping it to yourself. Oh well welcome back to the bilas train! I’m here so long i’ve taken over the drivers job. However I wish youd all make your minds one way or the other and stop disturbing my peace by hopping on and off the bus.

    LOL…….if I wanted to go into details I would have lakini the person in question means alot to me and I wouldnt go there. Our friendship means alot even though that area is a closed chapter in our lives. Na sasa, since when does the dere of the bilas train complain? You should be glad you are not driving an empty bus. LOL!!!

  3. Yaani!! Your description of Glasgow would make the residents themselves re-appreciate their joint! As to the perspectives changin’ as u mature, that’s so tru, u start seeing the “little” things that never used to make sense b4. Glad u enjoy’d! Ps: i liked the (clears throat in between) bit when u said ur single… Na update my CV to apply 4 hio vacancy!

    Glaswegians should be proud of their heritage, just as I am proud of mine. Lakini a little part of me is like “Who am I kidding?” when it comes appreciating my heritage. Anywhoo, I hope the situation with the politicians back diggz improves (insert mini eye roll here).

    As for noticing the little things in life…..aki now its like they are shouting out to me in colour. Which is great, lakini a bit of black, white and grey areas balance it all out. Ama? 😉

    As for application – send your CV to: The ‘Licious, Singlehood Ave, Somewhere, MO1 3CHA, U.K. or email it to: mocha13[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

  4. Wallapa,

    Patad my first chance to skia your summer podcast…kweli umejaribu…13 minutes without the okuyo shrub?? Definately I’ll patia you reference when you apply to Capital FM for Late nite capital. You conveniently forgot to sema you dissed me…Kaysha Concert?? Much love and see you on Sato 9th Sep…at our usual spot…Burger King.

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