What Keeps Me Going? – Random Thoughts

Aki lately I have been having random thoughts, so I am just jotting them down lest I forget them.

Now who prompted Milo to leave KBW…….I am still in a kamini shock over that decision. “Please come back, I beg.”

Yesterday, I had an argument with this dude over queue jumping. I am not one for public drama, esp with strangers, lakini this is one pet peeve that does my head in. On a few occassions I have been accused by my pals of having killer eyes. You know the ones that give you daggers, you think you are practically being stabbed……..YAH, those ones. Now si I unleashed them on this dude, coz he was claiming that he was queueing before. Ati sijui he went outside to sort out parking or some shyte. I was like that is besides the point. I didn’t see him queue when I walked into the post office like he claims. All of us (pointing to the rest of the peeps who were behind me) don’t know whether you queued here before or not, you just can’t assume that we do. At this point I was seeing red coz the staff are always slow, this ngomongo decides to jump the queue and my train was due in ten minutes. Then, I hate arguing with peeps who dont see sense. Anyway, I managed to get my post sorted and caught my train in good time – it was late anyway. No surprises there either.

Lately, it got me thinking how I have been using the train as my second bedroom. The other day I was so exhausted, I found myself in London and on my way home, in Northampton. I bloody missed my stops, but not all at the same day thank God. Luckily, just a stop or two between them. I always had the habit of waking up a stop before mine, but on these occassion, I did wake up on my scheduled stop, but to the sound of the doors closing. What am I to do but endelea with that sweet sleep? So, I get comfy and sleep on. Afterall, that isn’t the last train of the day. Believe me, I never sleep in those ones. LOL!!! I think I should start reading or purchase a puzzle book. Any suggestions to changamsha my brains, especially in the morning?

Today, I was having a random thought of what I could do this summer that is worth blogging about and use the word blog to get it done. Then as I was in a newsagents (shop that does magazines and newspapers mostly amongst other small stuffs), I had a light bulb moment. What if I could blag my way into cool clubs and say I wanted to blog about my experience from the moment I blagged my way in to when I got home – all this in the pretext of a tourist from shaggz? LOL! Like I said, it was just a random thought. More like a fading light bulb moment huh??? tihihihihihihihi!

Is that the time already? Let me go, before I miss my ever late train (believe me, it has happened more than once).



4 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Going? – Random Thoughts”

  1. i will get milo back just u waait

    ati “blagged” ha haha…oh ebu tell me how to get out of blog blocku

    ebu harakisha bringing him back. i wanna cheka and he has that magic. As for blog block…….

  2. I hear on the second bedroom that is trains or buses. Once while on a stop over in London I got on the bus and sat back to enjoy the ride. Next thing I knew some men were calling at me telling me we had gotten to the last stop (I was in the top deck at the very front). Here in the states I fought a losing battle with sleep once, and just before we got to the last stop I lost. The driver had to shout to wake me up. The best, though, is this one time I was reading a magazine. I was so engrossed by the article that I completely missed my stop. At one point the bus was making a turn, and I knew there were no turns on the way home, so I looked up in a panic. We had gotten to the last stop. Luckily it was just a kilometer away from my place, so that wasn’t too bad.

    LOL!!! I can totally relate.

  3. For those who sleep in trains I have one word, I mean two!Alarm clock!Set it to wake you up a few mins before your stop.

    Alarm clocks will just get you frustrated with all the weird looks you will get from the other passengers.

    As for Milo.I will leave the comeback effort to Nick.I can even spare some of my blogging psyke to make him come back.

    Ebu go saidia Nick…..we need Milo back!

    I hate queue jumpers lakini here in shags the queues rarely go past 5 peeps and no-one is in a rush.There is nowhere to go to!


    Good luck blogging your way into clubs!

    Thanks, but it was just a thought.

  4. I don’t care if it’s Shaq, hunikati line without unleashing something like a snubnose shotgun. And there’s no telling if I also didn’t beba mine…so yeah, to the thutha you go…


    The law, as per the Public Queue Statute of 1229 BC, the Roman Forum adopted this edict:

    If ye shall retrieve oneself from a public queue and expect to return but do not wish to lose one’s position it is in polite decorum to alert the member of the public behind one of one’s intention to exit and return so other members who follow in queue may not be outraged. In the abscence of that member then then the next nearest member in the line will suffice. Failure to follow this protocol immediately abolishes any future attempt to reclaim one’s position.

    Your boy had no witnesses to his claim as is demanded by this law.

    I will keep this in mind. Thanks! 😉

    Get a portable cd player or mp3 player and get your jig on. Turn the train ride into a party. You ever see people sleeping in a thumpin mathree? Unless they were just from the pub…

    WAAAA…I dont want to be arrested for disturbing the peace. So this is one idea that will have to pass.

    Only celebs, whatever level A, B C, or D-list get into clubs for free. Get your diva on and befriend DJs, bouncers and other club scene folk. Or better yet, get famous for whooping a line jumping ngomongo’s ass.


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