What Keeps Me Going? – Random Thoughts (Part 2)

Aki lately I have been having random thoughts, so I am just jotting them down lest I forget them.

For those who use WordPress, seen the latest changes to this blogging platform? I am loving it! The logging in page has been changed to a very nice layout. Let it stay that way. Then now you can purchase credits for CSS access and you can change your desired template to how you feel. Coolness. Although I haven’t got the time to sit infront of a computer this season and explore this ISH…..the little that I have seen has convinced me to stay put.

While I am on this WordPress subject, I am always facinated as to how some people bump into my blog. Here are some of the words used to in a search engine and my blog pops up:

  • nameless, kenya
  • shag thy neighbour (spammers maybe???)
  • mochalicious kenya (this is a favourite – seen it enough times)
  • how many children does 2face idibia hav (i kid you not, but i suppose the key words that stood out on this one are 2face idibia LOL)
  • juacali
  • smitta+pix
  • my mums good shagging (yep, this one too)

These are a few that I have seen on my blog stats today. I appreciate the traffic, keeps me motivated to write some more. There is your answer Nick, how to get rid of bloggers blog (patented to Mocha 2006). WordPress is fun and blogging more so.

Aco sent me the SOHO pics that have been circulating all over the place. Luckily, I don’t know the individuals. If I did, I would have been on their bums (no pun intended) like WOW. I was chatting to my pal in Nai about them the other day on Yahoo and here is how the convo went:

Mocha: By the way, have you received this email about a couple who were busted outside sohos
Mocha’s Pal: ya doing it in a car
Mocha: yep
Mocha: waaa
Mocha: those ones are too serious
Mocha: and i got it from a pal in stato
Mocha’s Pal: disgusting is the word
Mocha: tihihihihihihi
Mocha: disgusting coz they were busted
Mocha’s Pal: but these things happen
Mocha: exactly
Mocha: maybe even u have done it

Mocha: ala
Mocha: been there
Mocha: done that
Mocha: kwanza choices
Mocha: si siri
Mocha: with who
Mocha: that is my little secret
Mocha’s Pal: shetani wewe
Mocha: aaahhh
Mocha: matusi tena kwa nini
Mocha: ok pole

And with that, the subject changed to other matters. LOL!!!

My pals in Nai seem to be always shocked how up to date I am with some of the ‘local’ news. Its good to patia peeps surprise kidogo, that you are still with it when it comes to ‘local’ news. Showing them ‘ati hauja watupa’. lol

Damn, see what happens when you are having so much fun……TIME FLIES!!!

Off to buy stuff for a Barbie(BBQ) tomorrow. You are more than welcome. No, Aco. I am not going to Club Darkness. The mwenjoyoz is at home this weekend. More on that next week, plus addition Randomness.

Archer, I have joined the Friday randomness bandwagon.

Haiya……si I was saying goodbye – GOODBYE Y’ALL! Have a nice weekend wherever you are!!! MMWWWAAAHHHH!!!!

Part Three: Customer Service


5 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Going? – Random Thoughts (Part 2)”

  1. With those search results is there something on your blog that I don’t know about?
    As for shagging at choices at least now I have a face to put to those legs and boobies I saw!
    It’s always good to be in touch with what is going on in the Jamuhuri.I try to be on point as much as possible!
    Enjoy your BBQ!


    Thanks I will enjoy the BBQ!

  2. Mocha niaje? Mi’ chillaxing and enjoying summer! Ebu send me those Soho snaps chap chap..tehehehe…

    I will see what I can do!!! 😉

  3. Hi there,
    I am a UG dude livin in Kenya n yet i too Know abt the dudes caught at SOHOs with their pants down. See the pix at my website, n comment.

    Trully Yours,

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