……..especially today???

I woke up to grey skies and I am not talking about the weather only.

Recent events in my life just make me feel WACK!!!

In short,


I hope you are waking up to sunny skies wherever you are……..

6 thoughts on “WHY I HATE MONDAYS”

  1. Pole Mocha. You can at least be happy that you did not walk into the office soaked from being rained on like I did! It took almost two hours to dry out completely. Talk of Monday morning blues!

    I hope things brighten up. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Aco!

    Let me not get into how broke I am too. Now I have to cut my summer spending coz come September I may need funds for fees.

    I hate feeling like this though…..IT SUCKS BIG TIME!!!

  3. After grey skies showers of rain, washing away the pain, then, cleanses you, sparkles after hittin’ rock bottom. Rejuvenation. Sometimes we have to go thru the blue to appreciate the orange. Still, grey times don’t last. Mocha/Aco mtarudi to better days soon enuff!

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