LIFE AND ITS UNFAIRNESS (and other issues)

I was feeling blue on Monday and yesterday. I am still feeling blue today, but getting better with time. I have also come to realise that as you get older, certain decisions you make in your life can make or break you.

I had a very interesting phone call with one of my pals and it hit me…….LIFE IS NEVER FAIR, even when it seems to be.

*Minor digression* This is someone I haven’t seen in awhile, but it still amazes me how much we still do have in common. Catching up and laughing like we just parted ways a few hours before. *Digression over*

Unfortunately, there is one thing I really dislike about friends and giving advice. Its when that advice comes back to bite you. Why does this happen especially when you mean well? Oh well, you win some, you lose some. I have come to this conclusion, until I am 100% sure (who am I kidding) that this won’t happen again……’Dear Mocha’ will not be available until further notice. 

Still on the subject of unfairness in this ‘short’ life of ours, why does falling in love have to be such a painful task? In all honesty, I really do admire those singletons who are loving their singlehood or the ones who are already in love and enjoying the company of their companions. This ‘limbo’ situation is what I don’t penda. Are you or aren’t you? Is (s)he or isn’t (s)he? The state of uncertainty, encumbered by other factors makes it indeed a situation of why can’t it be simple or made simple? Life and its unfairness……AARRGGHHH!!!!

Moving on to other issues…..

….I had a really lovely weekend before all the blues checked in. On Saturday, my pal and I had a BBQ and it went down well. There was plenty of food, drink (we didnt supply any alcohol as none drinks in our household, but guests were allowed to bring some) and music. The right set of people who managed to show up made the party a success. It ended at around 2ish and by Sunday morning when everyone had recovered, they were calling to say how much fun they had. My music selection went well as I managed to cover all areas not letting the adults and/or the young ones feel left out. With help from my pal, the difference in our musical cultures was catered for as well and everybody had fun. I made chapatis and they were a hit, but do I say.

Anywhoo….enough of all this mambo jambo….how is your week panning out KBWers???

RE-EDIT: P.S. Can someone advice me how to put videos on YouTube? I have a few clips I would like to share with you lot.


7 thoughts on “LIFE AND ITS UNFAIRNESS (and other issues)”

  1. Ah poor baby, you see in my case; Aco’s advice always rocks!I am rarely wrong!:D
    That storo of falling in love chipped a long time for me.I am happy that I did lots of stupid things in the name of love when I had nothing to lose but nowadays I keep my emotions close to my chest.
    For me as long as I have a close group of pals, a job, hobbies and balanced spiritual life it’s all good!I guess I make the transition easily.
    Good to hear that you had a fun weekend!Si kwa ubaya but the KBW feed has been boring nowadays!I hope things pick up soon!

  2. Aki there you have a point, but I think that opening up to the opposite sex is a weakness I need to keep in check or should I say close to my chest. LOL!!! Moving on……

    Its true…KBW feed has been pretty dull lately. I guess peeps are out enjoying the summer, not couped up inside typing away.

  3. Ah, the uncertainties of life. Like you, at times I wish for black and white. But then I realise after the fact that the grey I get instead makes the memory of the experience that much more meaningful. Wierd how life works.

    Good that you had a sawa weekend. Those chaps, si you should have smsed some my way?

    @aco… kbw seems to be on summer break.

  4. egm….its true and weird how life works. Experience is indeed meaningful, especially when you learn from it and its uncertainties.

    As for having chapos smsed to you….SAHAU!!! Make a date and I will definately cook them for you. Besides, just like fresh bread, they taste better as soon as they are off the pan and put aside to cool down.

  5. First open a Youtube account then make sure your videos are in a format that is compatible with the youtube video system, browse, upload, tag them & write a description and you’re ready to go.
    Lemme know if you need any more help & when ready we can swap videos, I got several vids there too.

    Good luck!

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