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Randomness 3 is in working progress and I couldn’t go without posting something for the weekend. (I guess my mojo is back)

Now, was browsing through the BBC News website and saw the following topics. Discuss!!! Si blog ya Acolyte tuu ndio inaweza kuwa kamini forum!!! *rant over* lol

Have a nice weekend y’all!!!


4 thoughts on “OUR WORLD -Discuss”

  1. Fao!The story of the drag queen was interesting!Why arent there any drag kings?!
    the lot of Kenyan bar maids is a sad one.Bar tenders get mad respect but peeps feel nothing for bar maids.
    I am not even going to touch the FGM debate…..
    It’s good to see that priest was jailed.Priests and other men of God have been misbehaving for years!It was about time someone dealt with them!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Technology… comps are good. But if implemented correctly. Not just throwing them at people and hoping they now will be lifted up from the ground. There has to be a proper strategy to channel these resources in such a way that the people will actually benefit from them.

    Too much cultural legacy that clouds the FGM issue. I believe it’s wrong, but like some commented, the culture of communities practicing it needs to be considered when coming up with a way to get rid of it.

    Good that the courts in TZ did not go with the hogwash defence that the priest was a young man, thus should be excused.

    No comment on the DQ. Just same question as Aco, how come no drag kings??

    It is sad that barmaids have to undergo what they do. Reading about how people don’t even acknowledge them makes me realise how cold we can be as human beings sometimes. Even a quick smile and a “how are you” before requesting what you want would go a long way in making them feel important, and not just your slave who is at your beck and call.

  3. @Aco….LOL!!! Ati you celebrated that you were fao!! TIHIHIHIHI, congrats!

    As for the topics…kweli, how come there are no drag kings? Mamiz who want to be jamaaz dressed like men. The laws of ‘nature’…LOL!!! As for the FGM topic…too extensive to touch, but some of the comments made were very interesting. The topic of the jailed priest, its about time people do something about this ill in society. Bar maids in Kenya are treated badly. In short, they have to be their own bodyguards. Yaani, it reached a point when I used to work in a pub and be called one I used to take offense. I guess the picture of them being mistreated back home has just stuck in my mind. Its a shame that they are not treated with the respect they deserve.

    @egm…..its true. As much as computers and technology are good to some extent, expecting people to just adapt to such changes without making head or tail of its importance is just a waste of time and resources that could be used in other avenues.

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