Thanks to YouTube and Trueafrican……….Kenyan videos are now available to share. I must say, they are really improving with time. Keep up the good work ma peoplez!!!

Here are a few that I found to be interesting.

Re-edit: Juacali’s New Video Addition

Juacali – Bidii Yangu (This song is just off the hook. Juacali is the King of Genge PERIOD!!!)

Wyre – Chuki (Damn….this track is too hot!!! Nice one Wyre)

Jomino feat Kantai – Haters (I love this track….dont ask me why)

Bomba Clan – Chonga Viazi (Really funny – Must see)

Nikki feat Collo (Klepto) – Hii Ngoma

Deux Vultures – Adhiambo C (Truly Kenyan – why lie)

Last but not least……THE CHEESY FAVOURITE

Nameless – Sinzia (The lyrics are just too serious – LOL)
Special dedication to a certain KBW member…..unajijua!!! LOL!!!


Next entry – Bongo Flava.


12 thoughts on “KENYAN VIDEOS”

  1. @klara…i just love Juacali. He makes genge worth listening too!!!

    @Bluto scones….maybe you checked in when YouTube was down. Check and see if you can view the videos now. If not, I will email you the links. Holla!!!

  2. Whoaweeeeeeeee Wyre, he is sooooooo cute,
    Thanks for the Sharing, please can you post Wyre’s Usuhuba? i have been looking for it. I also like the Deux Vultures, they dance like Congolese

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