What Keeps Me Going? – Random Thoughts (Part 3)

Aki lately I have been having random thoughts, so I am just jotting them down lest I forget them.

First and foremost, my deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Kenyan Villager who passed away just recently. Rest in Peace.

Secondly, pole to Archer who experienced the most horrific and atrocious act to be performed on any human in this day and age. Then again with ‘World War 3’ looming in the air, things will just become part of history as it always does. What a shame???

Over in Mochaland, the blues are slowly edging over. I think keeping to yourself to sort your thoughts and emotions out is a good and bad thing. Like Maza said…….. ‘The good thing about going thru troubles in life is that it brings out the best in you; it refines your rougher edges. Of coz it all depends on the angle you view changes and predicaments from.’

I have come to treat my problem like a wound. When a wound is raw, it is bloody and fresh. Anything that goes near it, it hurts. As time goes by, it starts to close up and a new skin grows over it to replace the old one. This new skin is hard, over and over again, depending on the depth of the wound and how much you pick at it, the hard skin falls off and it starts getting softer. Eventually, a new skin is formed and your wound is healed. In some cases, a scar is left behind as a reminder. In other cases, there are no traces of the wound left. What caused the wound may still be around or not depending on its importance in your life.

Now, the old Mocha used to treat her wounds like they are all gangrene. Whatever caused me to have such a wound is cut off (DELETED) from my life. The new Mocha! has decided to treat the wound first and see if it heals. If none of the remedies work, then extreme measures have to be applied to this HONEY (read: ‘Licious) to move on.

RIGHT…….back to reality this randomness ish, thanks to Aco and the Soho pics, I decided to be naughty and have a little fun with them. I may not be the only one who has done this, but I am sure those pics have circulated before they become stale news gossip. So, I decided to send them to all of my peers who are on my e-mailing list. The few responces I got were just hilarious. Just the other day, Kenyangroove and I (on Skype) were dissecting the pics in detail.

  1. Looking at one of the pics, it looks like they were taken at dawn or something, coz you can see the light in the sky reflected on the window.
  2. The green beaded ‘crotchet’ thong the mami was wearing. Now that is some fashion statement and I am sure someone out there is making enquiries. LOL!!!
  3. How lucky they were that their bodies were on the ok side. As in, no michelin people getting busy.

Other observations were made that I can’t remember at this moment, but why lie, this couple should make money out of those pics if they are clever.

Now that Aco’s blog (comment section) has turned into a mini forum, can the Admin or moderators of KBW do something and bring back the chatroom that never kicked off or organise a forum for us. I remember Aco requesting for this…….whats the verdict or is the jury still out on this one? Whilst on the subject, is it me or my computer when I log on to the KBW homepage why do I get a virus warning in RED? Ebu someone, enlighten me on this issue.

My weekend was ok apart from a few hiccups. I finally went and saw my designer pal at his stall in Camden Market this Saturday. Got myself one of his tees while I wait for my custom made one to be finished (look out for the pics). Please, if you are in London, stop by and check them out. There was also another Kenyan dude out there selling batiks. I was proud to see this as most of us are out here and are not using the opportunity to make things happen for themselves. Sunday, I spent it bumming, doing laundry and messing up my first attempt to cook fish. Thank God it was still edible by the end of it.

Shoot…….I have already written so much and I promised my view on Customer Services. I promise, I will make sure its included in Part 4 of this Randomness ISH.

Have a timam week you lot!!!


12 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Going? – Random Thoughts (Part 3)”

  1. It was till I saw the post on the admin blog that I took the Kenyan villager issue serious.I thought it was just a way of someone killing off their blog.
    I see those pics have done the rounds!I too am still waiting on the forum idea esp since KBW has become kinda stale lately.
    I see you are nice enough to support your peeps!That’s what’s needed for peeps to suceed!Keep on practicing the fish, I want the recipe to be perfect when I come over!

  2. When the fish cooking is perfected, call me so I can enjoy them with those chapatis you promised to make for me!

    Nice that the blues are dissipating. My morning was bleh. But after a wonderful exchange with a friend of mine, my outlook is much better. Friends are the best!

  3. Hi
    i don’t have a comment to make that is related to this post-however i just wanted to say i like the new site (at least i think it’s new)
    i normally check out the blogs i like on the KBW, and unless i haven’t checked this site out in a while (which i doubt),it looks new to me
    looking good

  4. Good to see things are gradually taking on a sane air & you’re still grounded.

    About Youtube videos, please hit me up on email or let me know if you’re on IM then we can work around that. Btw, what format do you have you vids on? WMA or Vdix? I can convert either one of those to match the Youtube system. Holler when u get some time.

  5. @Acolyte….I read both entries on KenyaUnlimited and on Kenyan Villagers blog and it was really sad to hear of his passing. Death is not a pleasant thing, whether you knew someone or not. It makes it even harder if you a part of a family, in this case KBW.

    Its true, the Aggregator has been dull lately and we need new ideas to keep us entertained. I guess peeps have just taken time out to enjoy the summer and then they will be back. Or they just going through alot of changes.

    I will keep practicing and I am sure I will get it right in time. 😉

  6. @ egm…….Fish and chapo???? AAIIII, that is one combination I have never tried.

    Yes….friends you can talk to when you are experiencing the blues are worthwhile.

  7. @Luke….thanks for dropping by. Yes, if you were reading my blog when I was using blogger, then this is my new home. I keep changing it to keep it fresh. Thanks for the compliment.

  8. @Akiey…thanks! Things are really shaping up. Keeping myself grounded to keep sane. You know how it is.

    As for the Youtube videos…hit me up by email so we can do this.

  9. About those Soho’s pictures… I’m glad I’m not the only one who has micro-analysed them (too much CSI?). Anyway, in one of the pictures I noticed a Heineken bottle (see? I told you I watch too much crime television). It may or may not be significant, because several places in Nairobi sell Heineken, but it did make me think that it opens up all manner of possible locations, including the US, Europe… Also, knowing how small Kenya is, how come nobody’s come up and said, wait, I know that chick/guy…? On an even more sour (sourer?) note, the Kenya Times published one of the less explicit pix and claimed it featured a Kenyan celeb; they didn’t say who. All I can think is I hope these kids aren’t Kenyan because to have your grandmother see you like that in a gazeti, bwana…

  10. @Kenyanchick…LOL, ati CSI the pics. Waaa!!! I am sure someone has done much better out there. As for them being plastered all over the papers in Nai, I heard it was a hot topic in one of the local radios.

    Oh well, I hope they learnt their lesson.

  11. Those soho pics were too deadly…as we’d discussed, if I was the one caught up in that dose, I’d think of a positive was of using the situation rather than hiding in shame. I’ve been trying to find out where that “Green-beaded thong” was bought…honestly a killing is been made by the shop that is selling them. Those pictures are the reason many Kenyans are buying the new Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber shot phone coz the quality is beyondz. About my blog…you jua I’m busy lakini I’ll slowly step back onto the blogging scene…

  12. @Groove…..yep those pics are too deadly. I am sure plenty of enquiries have been made regarding the mamaz thong.

    As for your blog and our lil’ project….socks need to be pulled up PRONTO. 😦

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