Akiey…..I Finally Worked It Out

Finally, I have managed to load my first video clip on YouTube.

Click here to watch.

I hope to load more later.

Thanks for the tips Akiey. Any problems I will surely holla.

p.s. YouTube is currently under maintanance….keep checking the links to see if they are working. It aint my fault.

p.p.s. YouTube is now up and running. You can now check out the clip.

This clip was right after mine and I was just wondering…..what is the guy talking about?


4 thoughts on “Akiey…..I Finally Worked It Out”

  1. Heheh, You little genius!! Good to see you worked your way around the techie stuff & you’re ready to broadcast to the world.

    I just tried it but Youtube is working on their site. Will add you to my list & will give you links to my videos. Stay tuned, more stuff coming up.

    Have fun with Youtube Mocha!

  2. Thanks Akiey for the tips. They helped. I also figured my internet connection during my previous attempts was not all that. So, now that everything is honkey dorey……lets get sharing!!! 😉

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