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I, Mocha! hereby declare Juacali as the King of Genge 2006.

This has no affliation with any awards given to Mr Juacali nor is it a recognised official award. It is just my way of recognising this man’s talents and the fact that I love his songs and when I met him, he was so down to earth.

Click here to watch Bidii Yangu. Check my links for Juacali’s mySpace amongst other artists.

Have nice day y’all

Re-edit (17/8/06): My YouTube is up and running. More clips to be added in due course. So, stay tuned and happy viewing.

45 thoughts on “KING OF GENGE”

  1. True true about Jua cali and he has a style of his own. And the Lyrics make alot more sense than I wish I was your shoe

  2. I remember….Bidii yetu got us to the front of the stage to see this Maestro called Jua Cali. I’m watching that video every hour..nice one @Licious!

  3. among the disadvantages of not being at home (and also not in us or uk with their huge kenyan communities) is the lack of the latest sound. i’m sure there are so many cool songs out there which i have never heard…

  4. This song, was a banger from the moment I heard it. Its on heavy rotation on my Ipod! The beat is off the hook and the message is unique. This guy is what you call an artist! – not a rapper or MC – big up!

  5. @halfsudanhalfkenyan…true. Juacali’s lyrics make more sense than more artists out there. He touches base with his hood….a gentle reminder of where he is from and without them he is nothing.

    @Acolyte….Nonini kando kweli. Kwanza the way he is so full of himself. Besides, Nonini’s lyrics, as clever as they sound, they are just too degrading.

    @Groove….how can I forget our heckling for Juacali to sing Bidii Yangu??? That would be a crime. I really had fun that day. Watch out for clips on my YouTube.

    @Adrian…I feel you that one. I too sometimes dont get to hear the lastest until I see/hear someone with it. Kenyan artists in my books are slow when it comes to marketing themselves. Check my links for some of the artists featured on mySpace. I hope this helps kidogo.

    @Magaidi….LOL, where have you been? Good to see you back. This tune is off the hook, for sure. Usipotee hivyo bana!!!

  6. Hey what do you think of Muki Garang? you can listen to his mixtape with Mwafrika and change your mind about Juacali even if the former does Hip-hop

  7. I find it absurd to speculate over so called “Genres” that do not even exist.What is “Genge” in the first place and what value has it added to Kenyan music other than extreme Misogyny and propagating hiphop misconceptions!

  8. Juacali is the hottest thing in kenyan music plus he has a great personality that just works for him.He really is the king of genge.Big up Juacali

  9. By the way whoever is asking ati what is genge and what value it has added to kenyan music is just a lost sheep.My dear friend Muki Garang pls style up and accept genge as a success wacha wivu bana

  10. Enyewe that Jua Kali is in a class of his own. I wish him mingi success. Nonini (or Nonono as we will soon be calling him) needs to mature in his music. His beats are deadly, lakini when he opens his mouth…… matope tupu!

    Muki stop trivialising Genge music. It has a lot of growing up to do and with time it will improve, but give props where due. So far, so good.

  11. Juakali deserves a pat on his shoulder he has taken the music Industry to a far far place.Infact most of the music airplays in FM radio stations are his.He has his own style which many musicians in Kenya can’t beat.Sare na Nonini, he is ever naughty in his music which is not a good portrayal to society.Let the Genge crown shine on Juakali since he deserves it.Wewe ni wetu hapa JKUAT.Genge ndamu.Siku mingi jo! wazi

  12. 4 dat Muki Garang dude!
    how can u possibly say dat?genge is amazin and its done alot and in time itll get larger than ever!!
    GENGE 4 LYF!
    Juakali is da best!

  13. juakali the bomb you have done alot and i wish you all the best
    Toa ingine watu washangae na wenye wako na wivu wajinyonge God bless you

  14. maze kevo and am a physically handicapped but ngoma za jua cali huwa zina nibamba kinyama endelea hivyo na tuta kussuport kama ma die hard fan

  15. Hopefully am not too laite to comment about his hot ngomaz like “kwaheri”juacali should go ahead n marrie Pam !i think they’ll make kul couple celebs

  16. Niaje jua cali, I’m a great fun of u here in Belgium. Hit yako ya bidii yangu ndio one of ma best songs from u, yani kila time naonanga nikama mimi ulinidedicatia.Thanks for what ur doing and we gonna support u kalma genge people damu.

  17. Niaje watu. “Kiswahili yake ni mambo yote hakuna mtu hu…..” Juacali – Kiasi. I’m an EastSide boy (Buruburu all the way) Mimi ni mdhi hu heshimu ma artist wa kenya kirasmi lakini kuna wenye unawacheki na lazima uwainamishie. Niko Stato na hakuna mdhii anawakilisha ngoma kama Juakali, Nonini, DNA, P-unit, Redsan, Nikki, Pam, K-south crew na Akina VYBA. Kwa hao wote mdhii mwenye lyrics zake hubamba na kuinspire wadhii mostly ni Juacali. Wadhii wale huwa watu wangoma (funKcrank) ni Nonini, DNA,P-unit, Jimwat Bigpin, Kaya, Fundi F na Redsan. Wadhii wa ngoma za moyo ni akina Nikki, Neccesary Noize, Amani, Nameless, Harry Kimani, Eric Wanaina na Pam. Wadhii wa memories, beef na hiphop ni K-south(Bamboo & Abbas) Kleptomaniacs, Chiwahwah, Maleek na K-razy. In all those groups I like Juacali because he has a unique way of getting people hyp in a mzalendo way. Big up to Juacali and all the other Kenyan Artista

  18. maze bila kupinga the king of genge/calif ni juacali na bila kuluz hop mzeia tunakupenda the same way unapendwa majuu na mimi ni fan wako wazimu.wacha ma pleya hetas wote wameze wembe.kenya is genge na genge is kenyan na bila kusahau jimwizy,unaripizent calif na kenya viwazimu na waambie hatutoi kitu kidogo hata kama tumeshikwa na under18 usiku tukidai sisi ndio ma okwonkwo mtaani alafu asubui tunauliza kuliendaje.big up to juakali,jimwizy,major, na artists wote wa calif.

  19. i dont know what many kenyan find so facinating about this assfaced called juakali his rhymes are not tight. i think this title king of genge should be given to somebody like mejja”kwani jana kuliendaje”

  20. Kudos the king of Genge!!!!!!Actually u really
    drive me crazy wen it comes to your talents,
    Grow bigger n larger…………Big ups to mejja
    jimmwzy,maddtax,mustapha na mafans wote.
    ROUNDI HII SI MCHEZO………….,,,,,………..,,.

  21. Is how, Jua cali? true to the fact you trully the king and nothing topples you in that area. And more so the new song is da bomb… Kudos mzeiya!

  22. Hei jucali is the best musician in kenya.Personally he is my best and anyone comparing himself with him nika kuniinsult ju enyewe tukibonga real this jamaas bidii is unique na imejireveal from his work.When it comes to colours ask peter marangi the expert but when it comes to music!!!!!Do i say…..JUACALI is the man

  23. Jua Cali we ni noma,never like most kenyan tracks coz ziko na matusi kibao…but wewe ni exception ngoma zako zinachezwa na watoi,matinee na pia mabuda.I like you jua cali.Just got myself your new album Ngeli Ya Genge kweli we noma.But i ask request you to promise me that you will mentor your junior Meja.let him grow in your shoes coz for real ako na talent.
    Do your thing Jua Cali……

  24. Juakali is a real artist,
    keep up doing your thing coz yako ni kali….lol
    long live Juakali long live Genge.

    BIG UP….

  25. jua kali is indeed the king of genge,he is just the bonb,he rocks the crowd,keep up the good work jua cali even this year.

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