RE-EDIT (18/8/06) – Added Juma Nature & Kingsting Videos (AfroM & Aco, these ones are for you)

Hey, as promised here are a few Tanzanian tracks (mostly old school, but what the heck) I have come to like when I had the (TZ) influence. Why lie……..I should still keep up with them since my swahili is so crap.

Anywhoo…without much further ado:

Juma Nature – Hakuna Kulala (A TZ Classic – I love this track)

Kingsting feat. Bed Bug – Anisa

AY feat. Prezzo – Nipe Nikupe

Professor Jay feat. Ferouz – Nikusaidiaje (A personal favourite)

Misosi feat. Redsan – Heshima (This collabo is one of the few that are cool in EA)

Chege – Twenze2 (TZ’s new artist making waves. Catchy tune)

Inspector Harun – Byee Byee e (The intro of this song is just too hilarious worth including it on my list. Listen to the lyrics too. LOL TZs are just hilarious when they vibe English no offence intended)

Mh. Temba feat. Dully Sykes – Nampenda Yeye (A TZ Classic tune – catchy beat too!)

Ray C – Umenikataa (How could I not include TZs hottest chic artist….OK, Lady Jay Dee is hot too!)

XPlastaz – Nini Dhambi kwa Mwenye Dhiki? (TZ Hip Hop at its best – msanii_XL this one is for you)

There are many more that I would have liked to be here but could not find. Hakuna Kulala especially….I love that tune. Anyway, enjoy!

Next: Uganda (if I can find some)

16 thoughts on “TZ VIDEOS – BONGO FLAVA”

  1. I haven’t seen most of these vids but the AY + Prezzo one is a fave of mine, I also do like Ray C tracks and the Dully Sykes collabo.
    I thought my swa was crap till I spoke swa sanifu to my sis.Girl didnt understand jack!So you may not be as badly off as you think!

  2. @afrom….I love those tracks too. I managed to find them and they are on the list. Check them out!!!

    @Aco….True about my swa not being crap. I tend to speak sanifu swa unconsciously if the convo is flowing. I sometimes surprise myself. Ohh well, at least I have Bongo flava to keep me in check with it…au?? Hakuna Kulala is a classic, not was!!! Wee wacha!!!

  3. Hi Mocha
    enjoying the videos-especially Juacali!
    thanks for posting both kenyan and tanzanian ones
    i always thought kingsting and bedbug (or whatever they are called) were from the coast? show’s how much i know!

  4. @luke…I am glad you enjoyed them. Keep checking back for more clips. Next instalment is for UG videos. Also, check my Nu Mocha! blog (link on the right hand column) for more of what makes the ‘Licious tick. Laters!!!

  5. i like the nu mocha blog-i was the one that left a comment behind on it last week asking whether it was a new blog
    i think before i was only checking out DJ mocha;unaware about nu mocha
    Enjoying the 2nd podcast as well as a reminder of summer especially now summer looks like its over!

  6. I liked hakuna kulala, and I think Reddykulass made it more than famous in Kenya with their skit. But I think AY is very very very talented

  7. Heh! Asante mara fifty! I have enjoyed! (duly downloaded hehe) this has totally made my weekend, na hata haijaanza kabisa.
    You rock Mocha!

  8. @luke…glad you are enjoying them both. thanks for gracing my blogs with your presence.

    @half’n’half….I haven’t seen the Redykyulas skit. I am sure as always it is a laugh.

    @msanii_xl….i knew you would appreciate it. RIP indeed.

    @AfroM….no problem gal. Anything to put a smile on someones face. Enjoy your weekend too!!!

  9. While I agree that Ray C is definitely badass, what the hell is she doing convulsing in the shower in some negligeeish attire with a jamaa standing there with her acting clueless….

    Not a good look, lol.

    R.I.P Nelly

  10. @Makanga…I have to agree with you about that Ray C pose. That jamaa though is the hubby who was in Big Brother Africa as the TZ rep. LOL!!!

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