What Keeps Me Going? – Random Thoughts (Part 4)

Aki lately I have been having random thoughts, so I am just jotting them down lest I forget them.

Right……I mentioned something about Customer Service…well, I have a few incidents I would like to get off my chest.

We all hate bad customer service, especially when it happens to you. I know as blacks we really don’t like pulling the race card lest you are judged for using it when something unfair happens to you, but some situations, you can’t help notice that it is just all about that, the colour of your skin. There I have said it…..SHOOT ME!!!

Incident One

I had just done a ‘spot’ of shopping and I was heading home. When got to my destination, since I had heavy bags with me, I decided to hold my ticket in its wallet open for the inspector at the barriers to see and let me through by the side gates instead of the normal ticket barrier section. As I approached him, dude could see I was struggling to keep the bags from falling off my hands. As I was busy lifting one up to show him my ticket, instead of letting me through, he merely uttered, “Can’t you use your ticket to get through?” “Of course I can use it, but as you can see my hands are full to even get it out of the wallet. Could you just let me through?” I said. “Oh! Then you will be waiting there for a long time.” was the responce I got. As I nearly broke my wrist whilst trying to sort my exit out, I was busy shouting at the dude, ” ….and this is what you call Customer Service.” as I kissed my teeth. At this point, he was helping other people out through the exit I wanted and they didn’t even have anything on their hands. By this I mean, a flimsy shopping bag with their lunch box in it. I don’t care how some of you see this, but I call it bad customer service with a hint of racism.

Incident Two (Note: No Hints of Anything Here Just to Clarify Things)

There is this day, I decided to take my UK family (my pal, the hussy, her niece and the niece’s son) out for dinner as a thank you for all they have done for me. So, we settled for Nandos. My pal’s hussy is a vegetarian, so when we were ordering our meals, we forgot his. So we went back and ordered his meal. At this point, ours was already at the table, but when we got to the counter to be served, the guy who was taking our order was busy dragging his feet talking to other staff. I quickly mentioned this to him by letting him know we have food getting cold at our table and he should be serving us and not chatting. WWAAAA….the punk had the nerve to bring ATT, ati we should have ordered our food in time. Fair enough, but why the attitude? My pal is from the Caribbean (not Jamaica) and you know the way they don’t mess about, but this time I am the one who stepped up…LOL. “Excuse me, there is no need for you to be rude.” is what I said. “We just want *insert food item here* so we can go have our meal.” I added. Anyway, he didn’t say much as we gave our order, but as we walked off, I reminded him to be polite and fast as people are waiting to be served. The NGOMONGO had the audacity to point out that he was a trainee. I had no words…mainly coz I was hungry and didn’t want to spoil the evening.

Let me just say, customer service is all about hospitality regardless of the time of day or person. If you haven’t got the qualities, you shouldn’t work in this sector. People are stressed enough as it is. ‘We’ don’t need a miserable sod adding on to it when providing a service. It shouldn’t be my fault/take it out on me that the person before me was rude to you. JUST A THOUGHT!!!

Well, today is the final of Big Brother UK. This year has had one of the most boring BBs seen in this country, compared to last year. Anyway, I have been watching it on and off and I must say, some interesting characters have come out of it this year. My favourite has to be Nikki and her diary room moments like this one. Chick is nuts and hilarious rolled into one. You just have to love or hate her. She is a classic. Pete is a close second and I hope he wins tonight. Funny enough, they do make a lovely couple, but that is just my opinion. So, what will fill this spot now that BB is over ’til next year? Did you lot know XFactor on ITV is back? Can’t wait to see the hopefuls…..LOL!!! 🙂

This is for any member of the Nanomma Crew (UK) who reads my blog. A member of the Shida Mingi Crew (USA) contacted me via email and they wanted you to holla at them. A possible project??? So, edu do hivyo? Hit me up via email or the usual channels.

Now with the recent blog comment wars on Aco’s regarding food…..my taste buds for Nairobi food has been aroused which is not fair, seeing that GM foods have really made eating more like a duty rather than a necessity. Then to top it off, my pal who is out there visiting, hits me up on IM and mentions how she has just finished eating some bhajias. *salivating whilst turning red* Ohh, how I miss organic food……Nairobi junk especially. Masala Chips, Wimpy’s Coleslaw (the best mass produced coleslaw I have ever tasted to date), Farmers Choice sausages, that yogurt they sell in Nakumatt, kuku porno, K1’s mushkakis, my cucu’s mukimo…..let me stop there. I am having a headache just thinking about it.

Now that I managed to load clips on to MyTube thanks to my IQ and Akiey of course, I will be editing more footage and adding them to my account. So keep checking for updates and your feedback is more than welcome.

Well…..my randomness for this week and for now ends here. Hopefully there will be more soon.

Before I forget…….go and vote for KBW and Black Looks. I have done my bit….have you???

Negrophile – One who admires and supports Black people and their culture. Guess what KBWers, we are part of it as a whole. Check it out.

Have a nice weekend y’all. Be good.

Next week: Who knows what it holds? Stay tuned! 😉


11 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Going? – Random Thoughts (Part 4)”

  1. wahh that right there is pathetic..the whole customer service deal pole..I’m about to rip into some idiots too, thanks for the little reminder. about food though when I get bad service I don’t complain immediately …lol one of my pples got some terrible food after he complained about the food..lets just say he bought a bima that night,I get them on the tips though 50 cents standard,STONEFACE TOO either you provide adequate service or get loose change for that stunt you call service.

    Yeah what happened to that nanoma website?

  2. I have just had to deal with some people at the public lib who I suspect are undercover racists.I am going to call that library and tear into them with all the 4 letter words in my vocab.
    Things is when people screw with me like this people know that Aco is truly harsh!Hatucheki na watu!
    Add to that Derailer is being a real asshat today!
    I think next time tear into those people big time, no nice gal anymore.Have a better day them I am having!
    I miss the Nanomma website esp the mixes!
    @ Msanii
    Ati 50 cents!You have made my day!

  3. There are people who think customer service is a favor not knowing if you screw up on that one you are on your way out of business.
    I for one am a sucker for good service especially where food is concerned.

    nice w/e mocha

  4. Interesting – Not usual for me to comment, it is deamining to feel someone is taking you for a ride.

    Finally spare the thought for the guy at the gates – probably he had a long day and was letting the steam off you. I see them everyday – Most of them are from Africa

  5. @msanii_xl…..LOL at the 50cents tip. TIHIHIHIHIHI!!! I never mess with the dude who handles the food. Not knowing what additional ingredients he might add is enough.

    As for the nannoma.com site, ask me another one mate. Still trying to solve that mystery out.

  6. @Acolyte…..that shyte happens all the time. Sort ’em out. Kwanza when is Instigator coming back? I miss him. As for Derailer…..LOL!!! Dec. aint far.

    I too miss the nannoma site.

  7. @Prou….its true. Bad customer service = bad business. If one person complains and tells three of his/her mates about the service, those are three potential customers you have just lost.

    Nice weekend to you too gal!!! 😉

  8. @frugalafrican…..i did spare a thought for the guy at the gates. question is, did he spare a thought for me or any other person he fruatrated that day or any other day for that matter? No matter what, when you are dealing with people on a daily basis, you should always have a smile on your face. One day he might do that do someone who has planned to jump infront of a train….then what???

    As for killing him…..I will leave him to Sir G.

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