Weekend Round-Up

Snake on a Plane

Poster Courtesy of Epoch Times

I went with my newest pal to watch this movie on Saturday and I must say, with a tagline to make any Kyuk proud (if you don’t get it, don’t worry your little cotton socks about it)……..I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE. A MUST SEE!!!

This movie had me jumping off my seat one minute, then laughing my head off the next. The movie theater we went to had live snakes on display and I mastered the courage to touch one of them. They are really nice and smooth. Now I know why people buy ’em shoes/clothing (not that I am encouraging it). LOL…..minor digression. Back to the movie, if you haven’t watched it, I won’t spoil it for you with details here. I will leave that to Couch ‘Tato and MovieBuff. I will leave you with this though;

  • Mile High Club scene
  • Cockpit scene
  • Plane exit scene towards the end


I had a really wonderful weekend. Since I have been feeling shitty for the past couple of weeks. Had a chat with one of my mates and the chat made me feel better about alot of stuff I have been going through. Good friends are like natural diamonds, rare and very precious.

Monday is always a bad day for me, but no blues here today.

I got my Graphic Design course results. I passed, but only just! So, next semester, I need to pull up my socks and work harder.

I am being inspired into Photography. Since I love taking pictures, I will venture into this creative avenue as well and see how it goes. Something to add to my creative CV huh?! 😉

On Sunday, I spent the day bumming and whilst doing so, I watched Underworld Evolution. That movie is sick, though I surprisingly enjoyed it. Would I watch it again? NO!!!

Have wonderful week y’all!!!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Round-Up”

  1. I was unsure about going to watch this movie-the title didn’t grab me and i am not a fan of snakes, but now that you’ve recommended it,(and the first person who has to me) i will definitely go this week-albeit begrudgingly because Odeon is so small!
    i always told myself i will only watch underworld evolution when it comes on tv on a saturday night and i have absolutely nothing else to do (i am not a kate beckinsale fan!) i support you-i would not watch it again (after i watch it the first time)!

  2. Just the name Snakes on a Plane tells me this isn’t Samuel’s best hour. But there’s a lot of mixed reaction so I’ll wait for the dvd.

    I penda the Underworld series. Nothing like Vamps and Werewolves caught up in a semi-auto gunfight.

  3. @Luke….go watch it and let me know what you think. I enjoyed it. As for the Underworld movie….talk about gruesome!!!

    @Aco…it didnt get so much publicity here the same way Pirates got, but I watched it anyway and I was impressed. You too, have a timam day!

    @Movie Buff…please do it we get a review from you.

    @Makanga….there is a lot fo mixed reaction regarding this movie. I suggest you watch it on big screen for that effect. There some movies that are just good for that…the home experience aint just the same.

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