As promised, here are a few of Uganda’s videos that I like to watch over and over again. Like the TZ ones, some are old school.

So, here goes:

Chameleone feat. Mr X – Baby Gal (This is one of Cham’s videos that I love)

The East Africa Bashment Crew – Fire (This is a new one for me and I love it already. Nazizi is just the BOMB….KWELI NI FIRST LADY!!!)

Obsession Gals – Wekuume (This video is just too hot, sexy hot!!!)

Iron African – Heat (A Ugandan based in Sweden)

Hip Hop in Uganda Documentary Preview (Added it for good measure. Its really interesting)

That’s all I could find.

Next: Around Africa (or by Africans)… stay tuned!!!


4 thoughts on “UG VIDEOS”

  1. Other than the well known names UG music has never been as good as TZ or Kenyan music to me but you do have some good vids up!

  2. Iron African is doing his thing.

    His whole album (III World Animal) is in English, the production is very good and he’s on point.

    Sikujua they were thugged out in Scandinavia! 2 Gunz Up!

  3. @Aco…true. Ug is kinda weak when it comes to their music, but I do appreciate the few that are out there. Thanks for acknowledging my collection.

    @akiey5….thanks! I usually pop round that site once in awhile. Its on my EA sites favourites from way back. Thanks for the tip though

    @makanga….Iron Africa is doing his stuff. Its good to see peeps use opportunities to make a name for themselves.

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