‘Licious Vibez!!!

I have had a really interesting week.Lets just say, nothing much happened and yet I feel good.

I was checking out the misterseed’s forum and came across this clip……..has it become this bad with Kenyan politics.

Nairobi(ans) have their own site……check it out!

With summer almost over, I bet KBW will start picking up again. On that note, I have started a poll. Get voting and lets see what happens.

In my other blog (for those of you who don’t know), I have been putting together music clips from East Africa that I enjoy. More clips to come soon…..so stay tuned!

I was browsing through Kenyamoto and this clip was hilarious to a certain extent though. Being away from home and not seeing the news doesnt help, but I brings back alot of memories.

The WatuWangu Mixtape (#2) is out. If you didn’t get a chance to hear the first one, pole. Make sure you get the second copy. Edu, Wawesh na Sir Prestige….I am waiting for my copy. Review mojo is up and running. Holla 😉 Balla of K-Dip…..I am still waiting for your DEMO…..ebu holla through the usual channels. And Nannoma Camp peeps, I hope you hollad at the dudes of Shida Mingi?! Let me know!

The biggest street carnival in Europe is on this weekend – The Notting Hill Carnival. I for one don’t wanna miss it, but going there alone aint fun at all. This year looks like I am going to miss it. As it is Bank Holiday Monday this weekend, I will make sure I am there. This is the last holiday in the UK until Christmas…….better make the most of it, huh???

I have edited a few clips from last year. Check my YouTube for the footage. Click here, here and here for direct links.

I have lately come to appreciate more music from other cultures. Currently, I have come to enjoy the music of CARIMI from Haiti. Check out one of their tracks.

Have a nice weekend y’all


Next Week: Pix and promotional stuff – Keep it right here!


P.S. I thought I was being ‘polite’ regarding the Soho pics…..this dude went ahead and blogged about them. LOL!!!

P.P.S This time last year, I was blogging about…


11 thoughts on “‘Licious Vibez!!!”

  1. I was too ashamed to watch the parliamentary fight for more than a second. And those people are suppposed to build the country. For SHAME!!

    Have a good bank holiday – the last of the year.

  2. I see you have left alot to keep us busy!I have borrowed a digital cam to take pics of the international students bash.Will post them as soon as the bash comes!
    I’m downloading the mixtape now!Thanks for the link!

  3. @Uaridi….I was shocked let alone embarassed. Its a shame that these are the people left to build our nation.

    Have a nice weekend too!!!

    @Acolyte….of course I have to leave peeps with something. Can’t wait for the pics. As for the link….no problems!!! Thank Wawesh…he put it up. I am just spreading the love!!! Have a nice weekend 😉

  4. Thanks for the Nairobians.com website!and thanks for the UG videos -i really like East African Bashment Crew’s song-and i think Wyre is one of the best new kenyan artists of the day
    by the way,just watched Snakes on a plane now (thankfully at UGC not Odeon)..erm..
    maybe marks for effort for making a movie….eh, but no..

  5. @makanga….wish you were here too.

    @luke…your welcome for the site links. As for Snakes on a Plane…did I forget to mention that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea??? I enjoyed it. 😉

  6. Mocha!
    I know Kenyan parliamentarians are crazy but – that wasn’t them! What you are seeing is the madness that was the Somali Interim Parliament’s meeting in Nairobi. Take another look: that’s now what our Parliament looks like and you won’t find a single MP you recognise. That happened a while back to the collective disgust of Kenyans so you can imagine how awful it was.

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