I had a really wonderful weekend.

On Saturday, I was invited to my pals B-Day and he asked me to do a set for him. I was really chuffed to bits, nervous, but happy. With a few borrowed records to add on to what I already have and my limited gear, I set up and played at his party until midnight. There was plenty of food, drinks and of course music. Unfortunately, because I had to make it for Harpenden Sevens the following day and one of my pals who dosent drink was around with a car, I had to leave.

Woke up early to meet up with my pals to drive down to Harpenden. I had breakfast with them, then we set off to the Rugby Ground. It was a very windy day and we had a tent to pitch up, but it was a waste of time. Compared to Slough Sevens that happened in August, the turn out for this one to support the Kenya team was much better. Peeps turned up from Manchester, London and Exeter. There was enough Tuskers to go round, sandwiches and a BBQ of chicken like the last time. I saw few faces I hadn’t seen a while, new faces and ones that I don’t want to see again.

  • It was at this event that I made my decision about who my friends really are and who are to be DELETED from my life completely. Cut off the ones that no longer have meaning in my life.
  • It was at this event that I discovered the real diamonds from the fake.
  • It was at this event that I realised what it means and how it feels when people take you for granted.
  • It was at this event that I discovered that people always underestimated me and try to use that against me, only to figure out otherwise. 
  • It is at this event I realised not all of us possess the power of TACT. Even if they do, they use for self gratification and through selfish acts.

Telling the




I was glad that I went to this event. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking and about life in general and my real friends helped. Being around people actually helps you figure out stuff that has been troubling you. You don’t even have to talk to people, just sitting down and making a few observations help.

Back to the tournament…….Kenya didn’t do well, but the spirit was there. Rugby events are more sociable. I hope over time, such events to make Kenya Exiles UK bigger and better will continue for a long time.

For me, the day ended on a high. I finally can close my chapter of Summer 2006. Concentrate on the NEW Season and look forward to wonderful things.

After a hearty meal with my friends, I was dropped off home and I retired exhausted but happy that I really enjoyed myself.

Have a nice Monday y’all!!!

P.S. Crocodile Hunter is no longer with us. Died doing the things he loved. Bringing nature’s mysteries closer to us. Venturing to places or areas others wouldn’t dare. R.I.P.

P.P.S. The 2006 Black Weblog Awards results are out. We didn’t win, but it was good to be recognised through a nomination. Maybe next year.


18 thoughts on “NEW SEASON, NEW THINGS”

  1. @Groove… had to be done. Some issues were long overdue. I have better things to do than sit around wondering whether a ‘certain’ friend will come through for me.

    People forget, that they don’t know what they have got until it has gone.

    Its sad really on their part, coz for me, I move on to better and greater things.

  2. Concerning people, i’ve learnt that sometimes all you can do in life is sit back and laugh like Dr.Hibert ala Simpsons
    on the other hand watching some Trust me i’m an economist guy on TV solving all life’s problems with economics-worth a try…?

  3. sorry!some guy on BBC was giving people advice on how to solve all their problems in life using the principles of economics….i was tired when i watched it last night, don’t even know why i mentioned it!
    what does nyitad mean?

  4. @Luke…..don’t mind me and my poor use of the swahili/english aka sheng language. I have just added a ‘d’ at the end of the word ‘nyita’ which is sheng for understand. Adding a ‘d’ is making it past tense. I hope that explaination helps.

    Have a nice day.

  5. yaani enuff revelations for you which is good. am just curious, cutting off those people who “no longer mean anything” to you sounds abit drastic. i can understand cuttin’ off the leeches (sic) and the negatives but some dormant people in our lives are still great to keep around – u never know when or where the line will curve…

  6. Reminds me of the TLC song..the part that says..”What about your friends/Will they stand their ground/Will they let you down?” I also came to the realization not too long ago that I don’t really have true friends..the ones I have are there except for when I am going through a trying time and then they are nowhere to be found. It totally sucks.

  7. @Atish… does suck. THose who are there only when you having a good time….lakini when things get thick they are nowhere. Yet they insist they are your friends. 😦

  8. Sounds like you had a great time. I would have loved to be part of that. Love rugby and in my hay days was the big guy around campus…

    Hit me when you get a minute…

  9. sounds like u lived a life time in a weekend! mindblowing.I bet u had a headache with all that bn hammered in your head.I am happy you came to that realisation, n u took things positively instead of blaming urslef n all the distractive things chics like doing. Well done… am extatic…. well done mocha

  10. EEHHHH Klaweru. Glad to see you are back and I expect a blog entry from you…ama???

    Thanks for the kudos…it was indeed a mindblowing experience to say the least.

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